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A Year of Smiles - Day 154


My “to do” list today was at least five yards long. I awoke dreading what I knew would be an exhausting day. 188 more words

Life's Journey


Actions really do speak louder than words.  Promises are meaningless if behaviors don’t fulfil them.  The most over-used, deceptive and abusive words can sometimes be “I love you”.  225 more words


A Lot Happens In 25 Years!

Neal Pollard

Today is Kathy’s and my Silver Anniversary. The day we got married, the president was the first George Bush. Johnny Carson was hosting the Tonight Show (his final show was on our wedding night). 618 more words

Selfless to Avoid Being Selfish

Most of my posts have been pertaining to graduation and senior year recently. It is most likely because I am chomping at the bit to graduate as it is happening in just two short weeks. 354 more words



To make Love the ruling power of my life, the only power. To be kind, gentle, considerate and unselfish, to let nothing stand in the way of doing everyone a good turn, never to consider myself and my own feelings, but only other people’s. 46 more words



What a word nowadays, right?

It seems to me that in this respect our society is either too much   empathetic or have too little empathy.

We know that too much of anything isn't good... 50 more words

Thought of the day

A truly fulfilled human existence is both a selfish and unselfish one. You have to be selfish enough to find yourself, discover yourself in life – and once you have done that only then can you commit to true unselfish acts to further the cause and progression of human civilization.

Momus Najmi