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“I’m not hurting anybody but myself” was one of my favorite things to say when I wasn’t living Right… but now I know better. Everything we do affects other people… good, bad, or otherwise. 103 more words


You Give So Much

You give so much
And don’t expect anything in return
If we weren’t in the same place
You were always a phone call away
Regardless of the type of need… 49 more words


The welding together of human beings with machines

I have told you that in this epoch we have to solve the problem of how the radiations from human states of mind are carried over into machines; of how human beings are to be brought into relation with an environment which must become increasingly mechanized. 130 more words


Dec. 6/17-"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud."   - Maya Angelou

We don’t know what others are dealing with so it’s best to error and show grace. Not always an easy task when I often default to selfishness. 18 more words


Upon what thing beautiful shall my gaze alight? Something in a shallow place that is tempting and alluring? Where soon after a determined arrival, there is acute disappointment and an unsatisfied feeling of despair accompanied with an ugliness wrought from all things faded. 496 more words

God Loves