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How Do You Show Your Love

How do you show your love?

Do you cook a favorite dish to bring or share?
Do you surprise a special person in your life with their favorite wine? 586 more words


Me or We

As selfish as I can be at times, I have come to realize that my unselfish actions (things I do for him) sometimes (not always) bring me so much more joy than if I only did what makes me happy or content. 29 more words

A-to-Z 2015 U is for Unselfish

Unselfish one should strive be all the time. Society seems to push us to be greedy, self-serving people. Sure you see the occasional ad for this or that charity, but the music, television, movies, books, etc. 63 more words


The Personality Train - Choo Choo..

So after around 10 off years of working, slaving, up-scaling, call it what you may, I have in the recent past begun realizing that people from ANY industry can be categorized into just two simple personalities, so here’s me rubbishing away all the personality tests on the internet which charge you a crazy amount of money to take, only to tell you that you have a mix of personalities which you can or need to work on in order to be successful :-) 1,918 more words

Corporate Craziness

Why acting Natural should come so naturally.

Is being called weird a good thing? Occasionally there comes  a time in a persons life where they get knocked back on there asses so often that the question the justice in it all(okay not so occasional more like daily).BUT, 638 more words



The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. 107 more words