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I Blame the X factor...

‘It’s all about luck… you gotta be in the right place, at the right time, with the right song.’

And the right haircut. And the right pout. 730 more words


Playlist of the Week (2018/17)

This week’s Playlist of the Week is The Monster, which I mentioned in passing last week. This playlist is technically Simon’s Mini Monster‘s big brother, as it has multiple tracks from a larger selection of indie artists than feature on the smaller list, whereas the mini-monster is from a subset of these artists, with one track each. 310 more words


How Deep Learning Works, Maybe

by Bernard Murphy (*) 

Deep learning, modeled (loosely) on the way living neurons interact, has achieved amazing success in automating recognition tasks, from recognizing images more accurately in some cases than we or even experts can, to recognizing speech and written text. 688 more words


Problematic and Dead Steady - The Vault - 07/04/18

The last couple of years has seen something of a resurgence of young bands in Guernsey.

This can be largely put down to the appearance of a new breed of music school and, for wont of a better description, youth music organisations equipping youngsters with the tools to make their own music and giving them the chance to experience it and play it live. 475 more words


I have another passion apart from rambling incoherently on the internet

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a rockstar. At the age of 5 I idolised Liam Gallagher, owning several pairs of his favourite kind of shades and happily tearing off my “Brian Clough” green jumper in the middle of class to reveal an Oasis T-shirt. 301 more words

I Am Szin