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-Unsolved Murder of Elsie Frost-

Elsie frost was a 14-year-old girl who was brutally murdered in an underpass beneath a railway line near Wake-field, west riding of Yorkshire, England, On October 9 1965… 1,409 more words

Unsolved Murders

The unsolved murder of Gretha Melaard

I was doing some research on the days before the Germans invaded the Netherlands, and  I came across a news paper article of the murder of Gretha Melaard. 257 more words


Yoga Glo

I’m always hearing ads on my podcasts but never really gave them much thought. I stopped doing yoga at the end of last year when the studio I attended closed down. 82 more words


Pike County Murder Case Update: Releasing UnRedacted Autopsies To Wreck Investigation (Dec 2017)

The Cincinnati Enquirer and Columbus Dispatch had sought the complete autopsy reports in the still-unsolved and mysterious deaths of eight people in Pike County on April 22, 2016. 27 more words

Pike County Murder Case Update: Rhoden Trailers in Massacre Moved Again (Nov 2017)

WAVERLY, Ohio — For a second time since eight people were killed in Pike County 18 months ago, authorities moved the four trailers where the Rhoden family members were found shot to death. 51 more words

Arrest Made In Unsolved Murder Of Mass. State Police Colonel's Sister

BOSTON (CBS) — An arrest has been made in the unsolved murder of Tracy Gilpin, the sister of Massachusett’s State Police Colonel Kerry Gilpin.

When Gilpin was appointed to head the MSP, the reason behind her career choices rose again: Gilpin wanted to go into law enforcement after Tracy was killed. 185 more words