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Flash Back Fridays: Unsung Hollywood With Bernie Mac

TV One honored Bernie Mac with this speical Unsung Hollywood eposide of him.  Check it out below! 10 more words

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Tribute To A Warrior And Poet

This is part of the #unsung series that we’ve been writing on WP. If you type in unsung in your search you’ll find the many poems others & myself have written. 238 more words

The Horrid Buzzing/Hum

I encountered a problem when playing through both amplifiers that I did not have through individual amps. There is a slight humming or buzzing sound coming from the guitar amplifier specifically. 738 more words


Big Amps in an Apartment: Finding practice space

So not everyone has this problem, but I live in an apartment with my little family. I don’t have any band mates yet, so using the drummer’s basement isn’t an option.   370 more words


Writing Lyrics and Song Structure.

Between structure and lyrics is where you’ll find the heart of a song.  When it comes to writing lyrics there are loads of ways to approach it. 789 more words


Pedalboard First Phase

I’ve taken a dive into the dumpster of the local hardware store and acquired an old shoe rack and a couple of wood scraps.

This together with some nails and holes drilled for wires and I have a budget pedalboard. 264 more words



I’ve decided to go with a two amp setups.

By doing so I am actually going to play bass and guitar parts in unison.

This is going to require an octave pedal to make the guitar play an octave lower into the bass amplifier. 139 more words