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Slow Dancing

Stand over there
Keep undressing
I’ll be over here
Counting my blessings

And I bet I lose track
By the time that sweater
Hits the hardwood floor… 105 more words


Someone I Can Do Nothing With

You won’t need that fancy dress tonight
Chinese food by candlelight
Sounds like paradise to me

You won’t need to fix your hair
That’s too much trouble and I don’t care… 171 more words


Somebody Just Like You

She’s in therapy as we speak
She walked in half-broken, fragile, and weak
From the love that she lost
Certain the cost
Would be more than she could pay… 174 more words


Hopeless and Happy

It won’t be the first time a man was replaced
By a dog and battery, lost and disgraced
By the cruelty and speed of this turn of events… 130 more words


A Game I Can’t Win

I change my mind
And you call me a liar
I stand my ground
And you start breathing fire

I speak my peace
And you say I’m too loud… 137 more words


Classic hit single: All I Say by Eay Nice drops September 15th

Eay Nice is here again with another banger. The coming of his shine the (coffee toffee hitmaker) is getting brighter from tune by tune and am highly impressed by this song #All_I_Say produced by T Beat and  mixed by Chris Beats. 122 more words


Unsung Heroes of the Soil.

As I swipe across the TV channels today, I can’t stop thinking of the dauntless soldiers who stood up for the entire nation that day. 6th September 1965. 387 more words