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Is This Not Me? (Writing Prompt #27)

The prompt was:

The mirror’s surface remained devoid of any reflection.

The soft glow of the overhead light casts my shadow across the looking glass, but the glass isn’t looking as it should be.

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Short Story

Be Sure to Stay Smart and Be on the Look Out for Fake News!

There is so much misinformation on the internet these days.  All readers of the internet must be aware of articles, websites, and fake news floating around the web that is not true.   189 more words

Class Assignments

Unture Resume Of Hasen

N. K. Hasen
Master degree in Musical Astrology
With Bachelor in Music Science
At a small college called Fillmore McGee
Looking for career playing music for planets… 78 more words

Current Poetry

I Sometimes Dress In Suit & Tie

What can I say, I like to look great! Sometimes in suit and tie, and not always. I am not so strict with such style, and sometimes I may even look terribly dressed. 68 more words


Alternate realities. 

There is a whiff speaking to me in tones of melancholy and shades of blee. I look to the sky to find an explanation to this beautiful paradox before my eyes, but the crimson sky cries blue to me. 120 more words


So your Favorite Author™ is back once again with clichés and stuff, so this one is about gambling and drugs and the life of like every dead-beat dad ever. 429 more words

No, It's Not Fanfic

There Are Many Fakes Advertising Untrue Psychic Services

There are fakes and con artists promoting bogus telepathic services with the solitary point of making money but there are also loads of truthful supernatural psychic readers around. 25 more words