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Mad Markers of Mansions: myth or miscreants?

You smell gas, your legs no longer work, your husband sees a dark stranger outside, a neighbour picks up a cloth, sniffs it and keels over . 704 more words

Doubting Your Own Trauma History?

Does sometimes doubting that your own history is true make it untrue? Like… I have memories of sexual abuse. I have triggers connected to those memories, and I show signs of those incidents that others, even some people my own age (I m almost 15), pick up so that they understand what s happened… I have flashbacks that make me feel like my body is being raped or my mouth is filled with semen. 30 more words



  1. Lying; untruthful.
  2. False; untrue.

Once I get my hands on that mendacious jerk, I shall extract my revenge.

Your accusations against my best friends are mendacious.



People around me are so untrue

They don’t have a clue

Why are they so cruel?

They don’t want to speak the truth

They say it hurts… 17 more words



Retraction: n. to reverse direction and/ or trying to exclude and/or take back a communication once it has been communicated and frequently because it is untrue and/or inaccurate… 192 more words

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