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Possessions Repossessed

I am trapped
In a trap of my own making
Setting out
To set myself free
I go down all the old wrong paths

You say… 205 more words


Phony Sucks

Do fake/phony people KNOW that they ARE this way?  The definition of both words mean not genuine, a fraudulent person.  The phoniness (I made that word up) of these narcissistic, insincere, and downright deceitful people is a major pain in the ass to have to deal with when it’s in your face on a daily basis.  340 more words


What's True & What's Untrue?

At this wee hours… I want to share a few things.

The Struggle between the truth and the false

In life very often, we are caught amidst a strong vortex of… 277 more words

Daily Prompts

Nailed Coffins

If lies were nailed on coffins,
Mine would be tied down by yours.
If hearts were won by broken faith
Mine would’ve surrendered by law. 62 more words


Boys, WHY?!

Why do boyfriends cheat? Why do boys couldn’t be man enough to act like a man. Why do male species love to take advantage when they see an opportunity. 281 more words


Rachel Dolezal

This is going to be one short post on my feelings of miss Rachel Dolezal.

It was once, illegal to pass for white when you were indeed black… 11 more words


Mad Markers of Mansions: myth or miscreants?

You smell gas, your legs no longer work, your husband sees a dark stranger outside, a neighbour picks up a cloth, sniffs it and keels over . 704 more words