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2015, December 15 - 1086 - obligation

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The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance

The White House is engaged in a massive climate scam, which involves many billions of dollars and has infected the academic community. They are currently planning to attempt to silence whistleblowers, via intimidation and kangaroo court RICO prosecutions. 453 more words

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I worked for a Carbon management company back in 2006, then I believed in AGW. I left after a year of working for the Carbon Management company, as I found out it was a scam.

The truth behind the pictures posted on social media

The new media is available to most of us. People are taking this advantage and signing up for the apps which are able to produce, take photos or re-create them. 426 more words


10 Things I Used to Believe when I was Younger.

Having a brother 2 years older than me, I believed a lot of things that were untrue. I was a very gullible kid.

My favorite Youtuber, Jenna Mourey-Marbles has posted two videos on this topic and both are hilarious! 516 more words


Two Business Legends: Urban Legends that Work at Work

Business legends are like urban legends; they are useful allegorical stories with questionable truths.

I’m sure you have heard of urban legends, stories that are not necessarily true, but believed and shared because they are short, entertaining, and culturally relevant.  548 more words

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