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Definitly Untrue Ghost Story - (Part 1/2)

The title of this article may confuse you. Why, I here you ask, would I want to read about a ghost story that I know to be untrue? 1,203 more words




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Fishing Story



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Short Story



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Fishing Story

Stuffed Avocado

Among the stuffed animals in the bin at the gift shop, we now have a stuffed avocado with a rather creepy grin. It was confusing enough, veggie or fruit, now it is animal? 37 more words


TIME + PLACE Liner Notes: Untrue by Burial

In “Liner Notes”, Rowan Lees (Azere) follows his interview with his own piece, tributing the work that has influenced and inspired him and his project, “time + place” 640 more words



I didn’t mean to lie

I didn’t want to lie

But I didn’t want you to worry about me

But you never lie

That’s a lie… 34 more words