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Unturned Preview

Developer: Smartly Dressed Games
Designers: Nelson Sexton
Platforms: Microsoft, Linux, and Mac

Previewed by: Jason Spear

Unturned is a free to play zombie themed survival game, designed by Nelson Sexton, a 17 year old Canadian.The visuals are similar to Minecraft but with updates coming out all the time, they are constantly improving. 302 more words

Death By Lag Presents

Early Gaming Experience

When I was 11 my favourite game was Unturned.  Unturned is an F2P first-person zombie survival sandbox game.

I enjoyed this game because of the freedom to do whatever you wish and the variety of interact-able objects in the game.   79 more words


Server launch!

The server is now up and running, hope all players enjoy and have as much as we do. make sure to comment with any maps or ideas, you have for the server. 6 more words


Play Experience: Unturned

I embarked on a pixelated, zombie adventure only to give up after an hour when the sad realization hit that I will never survive the undead apocalypse. 470 more words


This free to play game reminds me of my favorite game, Rust, but with Minecraft type graphics. The reason this game feels like Rust, is the building styles (mainly the house) are very similar, and if you saw my review for Rust you would see that I am complimenting this game.   51 more words


Unturned - Free to Play, Zombie Survival Done Right.

Unturned is a 3-D, free-to-play (Kinda), early access zombie survival game by Nelson Sexton, who I should add that when he developed this game was only 17. 1,108 more words