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Unturned community complaint/rant.


These words are coming from a guy who played this game 248 hours, who played this game probably in 2016. I still do like the game, even thou it has glitches and bugs, but I still like the idea & story of this game. 113 more words


The problem with traps (barbed wire, land mines, etc...)

Before I actually start spewing out meaningless words that nobody will care about I should get some things out of the way

1: I have almost 2k hours in unturned (1938 as of this post) 387 more words


2017 in review

This year I feel like I really improved my work. I had more confidence in what I was creating. I liked a lot of what I did over these past 12 months and this is just a glimpse of what I liked the best. 1,429 more words

UK's Johnson vows no stone unturned to free aid worker jailed in Iran

LONDON (Reuters) – Foreign minister Boris Johnson said Britain would appeal to Iran on humanitarian grounds to free a jailed aid worker but expressed reservations that granting her diplomatic protection would help secure her release, her husband said on Wednesday.

Unturned 4.x suggestions 5 changes that NEED to happen to gun play. (In no particular order)

5) Make other weapons useful. Right now the best guns in unturned are the assault rifles. Nobody can debate me on that. If you ask anyone their favorite weapon in unturned 90% of people will say an assault rifle. 282 more words


My two cents about the Rain Drama

edits: formatting fix and forgot to add some shit

no tl;dr, there is no way to shorten this without getting EVERYTHING across.

DISCLAIMERS: -I have nothing against rain as a person, nor am I insulting him. 1,976 more words


RainOfPain125 and his server franchise. Pt2.

TL;DR: I was the one who made my voice heard about Rain and his scams. Now I and my friends get slandered in the process.

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