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Golden impressions of Esxence 2018 - day 3

Weekends at Esxence are always a bit hectic since it becomes open to the public, meaning anyone interested can enter. And believe me, Italians do come to smell some perfume. 1,140 more words

Fragrant Thoughts

How I Edit my Instagram Pictures- Updated

Hello everybody, happy Saturday!

A while back, I posted a “How I Edit my Instagram Pictures”, before I actually had a (semi) theme, haha. In the past year I’ve learned a lot about editing pictures, and have gained a few tips that make sticking to a theme easier. 430 more words


3 aplicativos para edição de fotos

Olá pessoal, hoje vim falar para vocês sobre os 3 app que uso para edição de fotos. Obviamente, eu não sou uma fotografa (infelizmente), mas faço o possível para as fotos ficarem legais haha. 356 more words


How to have a nice instagram feed - tips and tricks

I’m writing this mostly because like you, I don’t know.  I also haven’t seen a post or video like this explaining just how to get a nice feed without… 933 more words


Apps you need |Glücksgeist

I wanted to share my favourite apps with you for ages and finally got around to do it. I discovered a few amazing apps over the past months and I use them on a daily basis so I had to share them with you. 452 more words


Wicked forest, two from Nebbia

If someone is a fan of church music and plays organ you’d probably think that this person is very spiritual. If that same person actually designed robes that Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis wore you’d probably add artistic and religious to the mix. 590 more words

Perfume Review

Where Do I Usually Shoot + Editing Apps I Used to Maintain my Instagram Feed

‘Cause everyone is instagramming these days, I’ll now share with you the most requested blog post and that is where do I usually shoot and what are the editing apps I used to maintain my feed. 546 more words