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A very special snowflake

Omo, a Masai giraffe, was first spotted last year in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. Although white, she isn’t an albino; she has leucism, a genetic condition which leads to a lack of pigmentation in her skin. 169 more words


Raccoon Dogs. For Real.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all–in my line of work, I can say that and mean it–along comes a new species of animal. New to me, anyway. 104 more words


A Frog Fish with Legs has been discovered

What do you call bizarre or strange? A man putting frog in his mouth? One walking a lion? or a total off bat discovery of a fish with legs? 571 more words

The Nudesters Are Back!

Maybe The Cutest Thing Under The Sea! (Examples here and here!)

And wouldn’t a whole handful of them be even better? Of course it would. 12 more words


Their official name is “Tardigrade.” And they are REAL. And will you look at those FOLDS???

Bebeh Pangolin ACTION!

On Thanksgiving, we showed you how Everyone Comes From Somewhere– a Bebeh Pangolin was part of that clip. Here’s more of that unusual lil’ critter:


Long Eared Jerboa ACTION!

Q: What could be better late on a Sunday than some Long Eared Jerboa Ear Flappage Action? A: Not much. (Reddit/Imgur.)