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Can I Get A Nudibranch Pepperoni....To Go?

The Featured Creature likes weird animals- and coincidentally enough, that’s where we spotted this critter- who fits the bill. Almost two years ago (!) we were introduced to… 46 more words

It's My Coming Out Party!

This is my breakthrough moment! The day I come out of my shell and start hatching my own plans! So everybody show up and egg me on!

Via U.S. Geological Survey.

Meanwhile, at the Lost and Found Desk at Alpha Centauri Intergalactic Spaceport...

“Um, excusing of me, but have any life forms located a small metal briefcase?┬áSlate grey, black handle, glowing a little bit and making a humming noise, with tentacles? 17 more words

Get Smart, Stay Warm

In the colder months, the Secret Society of Master Meerkats prefers to hold its private discussions under the heated Cone of Silence.

Meerkats at the UK Zoo, via Reddit.

Cute Overload: Now 100% Chinch-Powered!

Ladies and gentlemen, Cute Overload is proud to announce that its web servers are now powered by 100% natural chinchillas! Totally organic, zero carbon footprint, and very low emissions (unless he’s had broccoli for lunch).

Useless Pointless Cuteness

Pug Washes Your Monitor:┬áHere, let me get that for you… Wait, now this bit’s smeared over here… Oh, and now there’s some drool over here… Dang, this is harder than I thought… (Requires Flash) 60 more words