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Family Says Devastating House Fire Was Sparked By Refracted Rays From Nutella Jar

Sure, glass jars are pretty. But one family in London is warning others against using empty jars as decoration after rays from the sun refracted off a Nutella container in a windowsill, starting a blaze that engulfed the home and killed their beloved pet. 180 more words

The Body Beautiful

Some of you may know I write another blog, which has taken a bit of a back seat while I got this one up and running. 1,620 more words

Hearts & Minds

5x03: Unusual Suspects

“Listen, we got FBI agents running around, military police. Whatever the hell is going on around here, it’s big. And your lady friend is somehow at the center of it all.” – Melvin Frohike… 1,500 more words

The X-files

ACTIVATE: Market Street Jerry Gant's Unusual Suspects Performance Series

Unusual Suspects: Jerry Gant
An Artistic Meditation of the Black Male Image in America
Curated by Linda Street and Gallery Aferro for Activate: Market Street…
747 more words

Unexpected Thankfulness

So, I opted out of all 30 days of Thanksgiving…  All 30 days.   Not because I wasn’t thankful but, perhaps, a bit cynical about overly expressive gratuity when the rest of the year has so many things for which to be thankful also.  1,262 more words


30 Days of Thanks - Friends, Suspects, Sunsets, and New Hobbies

Guys I got so behind this week! That’s what a vacation will do to you. I’m not complaining! Plus this month is all about giving thanks and so I am not going to be hard on myself for not writing for a few days, but instead get right back on track and focus on the positive. 881 more words

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