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Unusual Suspects Week 3: William Shatner in Roger Corman's The Intruder (1962)

Greetings, Readers welcome back! This week’s film is a double Unusual Suspect! You may wonder what I mean by a double. Well, we got an actor and a director both outside their comfort zone. 1,123 more words


Unusual Suspects Week 2: Tony Curtis in The Boston Strangler (1968)

Welcome Back, Readers!  For this “Unusual Suspects” installment, we have a mind-altering, time to reassess your opinion film!

Do you have a movie in your peripheral vision? 1,342 more words


Unusual Suspects Week 1: Mickey Rooney in Quicksand (1950) & Baby Face Nelson (1957)

This post is the first installment of my new series entitled Unusual Suspects. In this series, I explore films with unusual casting choices.

As far as I knew, Mickey Rooney’s career went something like this: Andy Hardy, Mr. 1,151 more words


New Blog Series: Unusual Suspects

Dear Readers, I am announcing a new blog series entitled Unusual Suspects! In my new series, I continue my on-going cinematic exploration. This time, I focus on crime drama with unexpected casting choices. 297 more words


Family Says Devastating House Fire Was Sparked By Refracted Rays From Nutella Jar

Sure, glass jars are pretty. But one family in London is warning others against using empty jars as decoration after rays from the sun refracted off a Nutella container in a windowsill, starting a blaze that engulfed the home and killed their beloved pet. 180 more words

The Body Beautiful

Some of you may know I write another blog, which has taken a bit of a back seat while I got this one up and running. 1,620 more words

Hearts & Minds

5x03: Unusual Suspects

“Listen, we got FBI agents running around, military police. Whatever the hell is going on around here, it’s big. And your lady friend is somehow at the center of it all.” – Melvin Frohike… 1,500 more words

The X-files