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What Is Big Enough for a Dolomphious Duck to Catch a Frog In?

Answer: a runcible spoon! Just one of many made-up words and phrases coined by Edward Lear. “Higher-cynths” and “Lower-cynths” are two others.

Made-up words (nouns, verbs, modifiers) used sparingly can add speculation, surprise, poetry and humor to your writing. 360 more words


I cant believe its a week since my last epistle. I know ive said it before but Im going to say it again . Time seems to go quicker the older you get. 703 more words


I have always loved words. Written , spoken whatever medium they are delivered in. I went to my local library when I was 7 and remember my first book, not the title but know it was about a parrot. 478 more words


As a fan of the show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ I was familiar with Sheldon’s love of ‘vexillology’.

Yesterday’s word and definition > > ‘vexillology’ means ‘the study of flags’. 51 more words

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Word of the Day #8

Jenticulate- to have breakfast

Etymology- Latin

Pronunciation- dʒɛnˈtæk.jə.ləɹ

Word Of The Day

No, Not Meteorology, Metrology

And no, it isn’t the science of metrosexuals. Nor is it a sister store to Anthropologie. I ran into this word while doing some editing the other day and almost corrected it to “meteorology.” Thankfully I didn’t, or I would have looked pretty ignorant–and incapable of using a dictionary (of course, in my head: “Ha! 134 more words