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Flash Fiction for a sleepless night.

The excellent, though startling, book I am reading about Sleep says that everyone, at some point, will experience a night of sleeplessness (though it stresses this is not necessarily insomnia). 158 more words

Made Up Stuff

A Dictionary of Unusual and Preposterous Words

In this week’s Dispatches from The Secret Library, Dr Oliver Tearle revels in the arcane lexicography of Mrs Byrne’s Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure and Preposterous Words… 738 more words


Quiz: Those "Cray-Cray" New Words!


New words are constantly slipping into our vocabulary. Let’s see how many of these you can define without looking them up. Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer and an additional 25 points for the bonus entry.  

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10 Uncommonly Used Filipino Words

The Filipino language has some pretty unusual words, here’s a list of 10 peculiar words I found in the internet.

I hope you leave my blog remembering these words, be sure to show off what you learnt the next time you go out with your friends. 363 more words

Hear Much?

Over the past few months I’ve few posted about words I love, words I don’t, and slang terms I wish would go away. Thinking about language in this way made me realize there are words I rarely see that I wish I would see used more. 540 more words


Are you a flaneur? #writebravely

“Er, what? What word is that? Has she begun her post with a typo?”  I can so hear you wondering! Well, no, it isn’t a typo and I am not out of my mind! 580 more words



I was reading an article about placebos this week and how they work. Apparently the more extreme they are the better they work. For example a harmless injection and minor operation work better than a pill and two pills work better than one pill. 468 more words