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Quiz: Can You Guess the Meanings of These Unusual Words?

Here are 26 unusual words —one for each letter of the alphabet. See how many you know. Their definitions are at the bottom of the post.  416 more words

Do You Know the Meanings of These Christmas Carol Words?

Christmas carols. You listen to them.You sing them.
But do you know the meanings of all the words?

Let’s see if you can guess the meanings of the words and phrases in boldface type. 385 more words

Ramble 74: Phrontistery

*Excuse me* Wow I really seem to have taken up the job of an educator seriously. This happens to be my second post on rare words but I just keep stumbling upon such exquisite words that I feel I must share! 59 more words

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The Zen of Finding Lost Words

I’ve spoken before about my habit of collecting words and sentences: Read Like A Writer – Collect Words. Collect Sentences. But I thought I would share the significance this has for me as a writer, especially this week. 764 more words


U is for...

We’re nearing the end of our revised A to Z Challenge! I can’t believe I’m on U already, but as I contemplated this letter, I realized nothing stood out to me that started with the letter U. 307 more words

Modern Words That Came From Lewis Carroll's ‘Jabberwocky’

Did you know that Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem, “Jabberwocky,” gave us words that we use today?

The web site “Interesting Literature” recently published an article about the poem’s affect on the English language. 484 more words