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Dream: A Rock and a Laver

Strange to dream someone saying a word I’ve never uttered. From whence in my subconscious did it emerge?

In the dream, Buck and I were staying for a few days in an apartment in Las Vegas, a town I’ve only been to once before and to which I had a visceral, negative reaction. 860 more words


Are you a flaneur? #writebravely

“Er, what? What word is that? Has she begun her post with a typo?”  I can so hear you wondering! Well, no, it isn’t a typo and I am not out of my mind! 580 more words



I was reading an article about placebos this week and how they work. Apparently the more extreme they are the better they work. For example a harmless injection and minor operation work better than a pill and two pills work better than one pill. 468 more words

What Is Big Enough for a Dolomphious Duck to Catch a Frog In?

Answer: a runcible spoon! Just one of many made-up words and phrases coined by Edward Lear. “Higher-cynths” and “Lower-cynths” are two others.

Made-up words (nouns, verbs, modifiers) used sparingly can add speculation, surprise, poetry and humor to your writing. 360 more words


I cant believe its a week since my last epistle. I know ive said it before but Im going to say it again . Time seems to go quicker the older you get. 703 more words