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Flower of the Day: 26th Sept 2016 | Photography

My latest entry for Cee’s ‘Flower of the Day’. I thought this flower looked quite unusual because of its shape and colour.


Dear PS3,

Dear PS3,

Though you may be inanimate and will never read nor conceive the thought of this letter, I write it regardless. 

I have known you for the best part of 8 years now yet you haven’t aged one bit. 207 more words


Ward Thomas: Cartwheels

A happy word sung sadly is sadder than a sad word sung sadly. Song titles like The Weeping Song or Broken Dream give us fair warning. 689 more words

Sing Better English


Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is the official blog for the Xavier strange podcast. Its here that I will write on my most recent podcasts as well as discuss other topics relating the the odd and unusual. 7 more words

Detective Inspector Me

I love books.

Not all of them. Some are hard to read and others are dreadfully dull.

There are 4 checks that make a good story for me. 112 more words

Life Problems