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Unusual food: Szikra Szensavas Vodka

My Hungarian/Magyar isn’t up to much, so I had to check online for the translation…it’s ‘fizzy spark’ vodka. Probably could have guessed some of that from the seltzer dispenser bottle, really. 142 more words


Unusual food: Roti Ais Krim

Here’s an unusual food I have transferred from my VT archive, in honour of this being the day I move back from the UK to Asia. 130 more words


How to slow down time: the inspiration behind the Cyclops watch

In a world full of hectic schedules and fast-approaching deadlines, we think it’s important to stop sometimes and just enjoy the moment. 

The Cyclops watch was designed to slow down your time. 299 more words


Us, Facebook's Dogs

What’s up, folks? So this is my first post… After the actual first post. But this is the first post with content that’s not about the first post! 815 more words


Rare 'P' and 'Q' Names

Mind your P’s and Q’s – I’ve combined these two letters into a single post!  ‘Q’ is an extremely rare initial for baby names, but ‘P’ isn’t exactly the most common letter, either.  448 more words

Baby Names