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Blowfish, known as fugu in Japan, is one of the most famous “unusual” foods to eat in Japan. Everybody has heard of this infamous spiky… 203 more words


Vegetable juice donuts

Mixing vegetable juice with fruit juice is nothing new. Health conscience consumers have been mixing their own blends of juices for a good while now. A vegetable juice donut on the other hand is not something I have come across before. 110 more words


November 20th National Absurdity Day

In a world where the normal is absurd, absurdity having its own day is not as unusual as you might think. From politics to football, something meant to be so simple has become so complex that it all borders on the absolute absurd. 253 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Pickled mackerel sushi

You don’t normally see mackerel on a list of sushi options. Mackerel is a very oily fish and it will go off very quickly when kept raw. 82 more words


Matcha mentos

I’m not exactly sure how widely spread Mentos are, but I’ve seen them in China, and back in Holland as well. They’re usually mint or fruit flavored chewy candies, but in Japan they recently released a… 96 more words


Quirky Kyiv: Dancing in the Subway

It almost makes you tear up a bit, I swear, Saturday nights at Teatralnaya.

For the past 25 years or so a group of pensioners have gathered in the subway for a bit of fun. 210 more words