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Creatures of Brazil: Phase 6

A trip to Brazil isn’t complete without the awe of seeing so many cool critters. We did see the larger capybara at the airport in Sao Paulo, but no photos sadly as we were whizzing by on a bus too fast to capture it! 249 more words


The Frozen Drip

When I discovered the frozen drips and the sliding snow, I was determined to get a Pulitzer picture. I took roughly 500 frames that day. Very few turned out because of the fact that my subject was, for the most part, transparent. 26 more words


Just another morning we had to pick a few things up for the boat but we could not even do that without looking suspicious. After traffic died down we headed to the fishermen terminal to meet the Don. 220 more words

Picture Post #56

Here is an unusual tree found on a hiking trail at West Point Lake in Georgia. June 2016. It essentially has two trunks where one is suspended in the air by a protrusion from the main trunk. 117 more words


Jugad : A part of being Indians

“भाई कोई जुगाड़ कर दे यार ।”,”यार उधर अपना जुगाड़ चलता है ।”

Jugad, a word that inherited in Indian, But Do you know where it came from ? 92 more words