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Duck blood soup

Having eaten blood sausage before, I’m not afraid of any dish that contains blood. On a recent trip to Shanghai I took my friends for breakfast to one of the best soup dumpling restaurants in the country. 149 more words


Green tea cocktail

At Cobra Lily in Shanghai, where I had the Chinese cheese starter, I also went for a slightly unusual cocktail. It was happy hour after all. 119 more words


The serial killer who fed his victims to his alligators

September 24, 1938
Elmendorf, Texas
Joe Ball commits suicide when police questioned him about a recent string of murders

Ball was given the grim monikers of “The Alligator Man,” “The Bluebeard of South Texas,” and “The Butcher of Elmendorf.” During Prohibition, Ball made a living as a bootlegger and once Prohibition was lifted he started a saloon. 160 more words

Newspaper Clippings

It's nothing usual

I’m back! Today is unusually social. When I initially wanted to just spend the day by myself, play PokémonGO (PoGo), attend a doodle Sunday in BGC, I ended up spending it with my usual titas Fatz and Cha plus James! 518 more words

Chinese cheese

It is a common myth that there is no such thing as Chinese cheese. Now, it’s definitely true that the Chinese don’t traditionally eat cheese. 208 more words


FLW: a series of unfortunate events

Famous Last Words

David Castillo


September 23, 1998

“Keep it brief here. Just want to say, uh, family, take care of yourselves. Uh, look at this as a learning experience. 214 more words


Red bean scone

Since starting this blog I have eaten a handful of red bean desserts here in China. At first I was grossed out by the idea of having sweet beans, but I have gotten over my initial shock. 123 more words