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Things I Had Forgotten About Brazil

When you haven’t visited a country or have grown unused to it, some aspects of their culture may seem a bit odd. I never thought that I’d notice it here, but I must confess that I have been feeling a bit out of place. 728 more words

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Fête du vélo (Bicycle Party) 4/5 June

With Mayor Anne Hidalgo pushing to reduce pollution and pedestrianize central Paris as much as possible, the city’s cyclists are rubbing their hands together and stretching their calves in preparation for a bicycle take-over… 129 more words

Things To Do In Paris

Forbidden Fruit

I’d say I’ve always been a sucker for forbidden fruit. Whenever I’m told not to look at something I have to take a glance, whenever I’m told not to buy something I immediately want it more- probably one of the reasons why I have so many notebooks but that’s for another day- and most importantly whenever I was told something was a taboo subject I immediately developed an interest. 198 more words


Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park written by Rainbow Rowell has gradually become a more popular book, particularly among teenage females, and for good reason. This book was introduced to me by my sophomore year Pre-AP English 2 teacher, a man who always knew exactly what kind of book I’d be interested in. 535 more words


Life is pretty good around here. The misses and I have a nice little nest just on the edge of the park, a park that really doesn’t see much use. 479 more words