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Technology Timeline - Digital Story Telling

Everyone has something unique to show throughout their daily routines. Whether it’s a certain app, or game or time they’re awake! Throughout their day, they tell their own story using technology to shape and show the space technology has made in their daily routines to exist. 1,538 more words


The Connected BCM Classroom - INTRO

“Spatial media are more and more mediating how space is understood and the interactions occurring within them. Geographic spaces are evermore complemented with various kinds of georeferenced and real-time data – pictures, thoughts, statistics, reviews, historical documents, routes – that can be accessed through a plethora of augmented and location-aware maps and interactive displays that have multiple points of view.”

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The Connected BCM Classroom - TUTORIAL ROOM

The spatial design of the classroom hasn’t changed much from the past, and it is making teaching and learning more problematic. For example, large classrooms that are built for traditional ways of teaching become physically and visually distracting to students, and they eventually get lost in their own devices.

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The Connected BCM Classroom - OUTRO

Here we are, four weeks since this project started, and it has – against my most wistful expectations – opened up even more questions than it could actually answer. 476 more words


The Connected BCM Classroom - HOME

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I don’t even bother trying,

is many’s honest reply to the question in the focus group of whether they had ever tried anything to keep themselves focused during classes or when self-studying.

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The Connected BCM Classroom - LECTURE THEATRE

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In any BCM lecture theatre, it is relatively reasonable to remark that the number of devices is likely higher than the number of people in that same space. 205 more words


How does audience response affect our social media habits?

Hello world,

Recently I was given the opportunity to extend my role at work to assist in managing the store’s Instagram account. As I had never run a business account before, I decided to do some research into extending audience reach, increasing the follower count and other general tips to improving a business account. 1,158 more words