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Train To Busan - How Hallyu is the New Up and Coming Film Market!

Have you ever watched an international film? If so where was it from,  were there any underlying elements you believe may have been saying about the country origin? 585 more words


Internationalising Education

Have you ever wanted to study abroad? Have you chosen the place you want to stay or what time of the year you want to go? 621 more words



Being a thoroughly well-travelled human (self-acclaimed) is something that I strongly identify as my sense of self. Ethnocentrism is something I believe I am not, having travelled to over nine countries in the space of a single year. 458 more words


Resisting vs. Embracing Globalisation

Last week I explored the products of globalisation. This included ethnoscapes, mediascapes, technoscapes, financescapes and ideoscapes. Foreign films are a clear demonstration of mediascapes, ideoscapes and financescapes. 710 more words


Living vicariously through your phone - a pitch for my final BCM241 project

This is a working title for a working idea for the final project I’ll be working on in BCM241. So work with me.

I’m constantly fascinated by how attracted I am to my smart-phone and how often I find my self on it through the day. 332 more words


"Tomato soup with bread-squares floating on top" - TV in the 60's through the wide eyes of a 6 year old girl

The humble television has changed a lot since it first started finding it’s way into the living rooms’ in the 1950’s and 60’s. While functioning as tool for entertainment, the TV also brought about a new way of influencing and educating through news and current affairs programs, all the while you sat in the comfort of your lounge room eating your dinner or doing the ironing. 579 more words