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Being ironic

I have a lot of favorite things; giraffes, hummus, a warm fire and a hot chocolate. As a young adult women these are fairly normal favorite things to have, almost cliché. 165 more words


Toxic thoughts

hello! as my first ever blog post, i’d like to share why i created this blog and why not. 2am thoughts. Making your first blog at 3am is a bad idea… but maybe it’s not… 139 more words

Pause for a moment

I want you to pause for a moment and think.

Think about the effort some people goes through to make something happen. People out there working 10 times much more harder than you. 84 more words

Motivational Section

The Night of the Never-ending Song

One of the requirements as a student at Tisch is to take freshman theatre studies classes (gahh). Currently I’m doing a seminar in sound design, something I have never touched in my life. 193 more words


Purdue Relay for Life 2015 - Little Sleep, Lots of Caffeine

Purdue Barbell threw together a team for this year’s Relay for Life at Purdue University. The event started at 6:00PM and ran until 6:00AM the next morning. 639 more words

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Definitely a long night but a great one! I hope we can get a team together again next year, raise our goals, and defend our tug of war championship belt!

Oludotun Adebayo, Radio Five’s Night Rider, comes into the light

The distinguished journalist and political activist Oludotun Adebayo has his faithful night-time radio listeners. He is now gaining a wider daytime audience

I am a part-time insomniac, working with a zero sleep-hours contract. 380 more words

Growth Spurt?!

My 3-month-old hasn’t figured out the whole “darkness means sleep” thing. Last week I got a cold because I didn’t sleep enough. Saturday night, Little John was up until 2am, squeaking and chirping and eating and being generally pleasant (as long as we didn’t put him down). 607 more words