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Up and Coming: Moe Ways

There’s no doubt about it that Moe Ways is focused on his talents and goals. IAmBee had the pleasure of capturing moments during his workout session with personal trainer Fred Jones and interviewing the Up and Coming star. 667 more words

Up and Coming: Savia Payne

 Savia Payne, an artistic guru, fashion illustrator and aspiring fashion designer will be making her dreams come true releasing her line later this year. Savia has always drawn and it has been a passion of hers throughout her life. 266 more words

Up And Coming

Up and Coming: In Hur Lane

It seems as if everyone these days has their own version of a blog. Sadly, most of them are the same because everyone is trying to be ‘different’ when they are doing the same thing. 125 more words

Up And Coming

Up and Coming: Arnaqueur Clothing

IAmBee had the pleasure of interviewing Loren Entsuah, creator of Arnaqueur Clothing an Up and Coming Warren Buffett in the making. Find out below what this unique clothing line stands for and why he’s not only breaking trends, but setting a few of his own. 1,263 more words

Up And Coming

Up and Coming: P.U.R.E Brand Accessories

 Every now and then, I take the opportunity to venture throughout Instagram or social media in general to find gems. One day I came across P.U.R.E. 634 more words

Up And Coming

Up and coming.. maybe..

I’m really not good at this ‘regular upload’.. It’s a good job I’m not restricting myself to regular posting days – although I should, but if I do I won’t stick to it, so why set unrealistic expectations? 249 more words


Lil H Qoutate - Texaco #NEWJOINT #NEWARTIST @HQoutate

This up and coming rapper hails from my hometown so it’s only right that he’s the first to make my new playlist #UpAndComing . H Qoutate’s new song Texaco has the beat and the bars to grab your attention. 110 more words

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