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Architecture Appreciation

By someone who knows nothing about architecture! ;)

Most of the time overlooked and neglected by busy passersby, this sight sits in the middle of the very busy Taft Avenue blocked by the buses and jeeps. 6 more words


Clerk 157

Each medical student has his or her own class number corresponding to the surnames’ alphabetical arrangement. I am 157 out of the 162. I am one of the people who belong to the last block, occupy the farthest of the locker spaces, and can be at peace when it comes to graded recitations because my surname’s a kind of a charm for starting with the letter V. 621 more words


Weathering the Storm

I woke up yesterday to the sound of rain outside my window and news that school and work had been cancelled. It had been raining since last weekend and parts of Manila were under water. 1,103 more words

Medical Opinions

On Academic Culture

“…The Cavendish was then a magnet for minds that wanted to be challenged by others of equal power. In contrast, Linus Pauling’s Caltech was a chemistry garden of mortals hovered over by a god who saw no need to assimilate the ideas and facts of others.”

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On going into Med School

Classes at the UP College of Medicine start June 10, 2013

A few days away from the beginning of the rest of my life.

And I’m totally stoked. 207 more words



This morning I had my very first audit, and yes, I almost cried. Not because of the sharp, stabbing, shameful words thrown at me, nor the accusing stares, and definitely not out of panic or anxiety. 417 more words

He Says

The Makings of a Master Surgeon

For the past two days the second and third years have been attending surgical skills workshops organized by the department. We’ve been practicing vascular and bowel anastomosis on rubber tubes and cow intestines hopefully developing our skills and building confidence when the time comes when we’re the ones who’ll be doing these on actual patients. 106 more words