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Viral Video: Woman Gives Up Men For Ghosts

A woman says she likes GHOSTS better than men??!!

There’s a woman in England who says she’s had relations with 20 GHOSTS, and she likes them better than men! 14 more words


What Would You Give Up To Erase Your Student Loans?

Would you give up alcohol, social media, or your hair to wipe out your student loans?

Only 72% of people say they’d give up social media to have all of their student loans wiped out, according to a new survey. 24 more words


wind me up

true as its own use

and forever

and keeping

as its own time

and travel

as its own use

and handle

and forever as its own use… 45 more words


cleaning up

hands so free

dancing in the rush

and making

as its own previous

and whom  as the sea

and loot

as its own rise

and telling… 48 more words


Growing Up Dominican

Hello, hello!

This is the first of a SERIES! Yay! So stay tuned ;)

If you haven’t clicked on over to the “About Me” section of my blog, then you may have missed that I am half Dominican! 806 more words


Catching Fear

Catching fear in my palms, I knew I was devoid of hope, yet I still pushed on with the gossamer silver cord of life. Bang! BanG! 568 more words


The Cost Of Cheering Yourself Up

Here’s what you spend stuff to cheer yourself up when you’re in a bad mood.

When you’re in a bad mood, do you buy stuff to cheer yourself up? 63 more words