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My Conversation with God

‘So whoever worships another divinity , thinking ‘He is one and I another, ‘he knows not. He is like a sacrificial animal for the gods. Verily, indeed as many animals would be of service to a man, even so each single person is of service to the gods. 311 more words


3 Intentions To Set For Yourself On The First Monday of the Summer

The sages of ancient india, in the classic Vedic texts known as the Upanishads, spoke of intention setting as the following:

“You are what your deepest desire is. 363 more words


Culture of Indian Land

What is Bharat Culture?

We say ‘matha, pitha, guru daivam’, which means, mother, father and master are equivalent to god. Knowledge is valuable than any other treasure. 171 more words

Vallathol Sudeep Menon

The Deep Inner

A spiritual journey is unique to each person, but that’s different from being personally involved in it. What does that mean? Well, at its core, each path is a journey to the inner – no matter what the methodology behind it. 1,525 more words

Inner / Outer

"Wasting time" is a stupid concept

This “wasting time”, that concept is a stupid concept, I tell you!  Whoever does not want to waste time, you just need to do only one thing: Maintain your breathing as slowly as possible, as deeply as possible; you will never waste time; you will have time as much as you want in the Planet Earth, understand?  191 more words


terror is the alarm that wakes you in the morning

this World can’t touch me
So you draw a knife


What damage can steel inflict to
What time and space has left untouched?

I died once before… 83 more words

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