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8/365 Karma Chameleon

8: Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

The question is a simple matter of yes, you believe in it or no, you don’t believe in it but I’ve just spend the last hour looking at quantum theory videos and now my head hurts. 716 more words

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How do we articulate the existence of our soul?

Our soul, it exists. But it exists in a form distant from our being. We comprehend the idea of a soul as part of us but not limited by us. 635 more words


Kathopanishat – Commentary by Shri V. Subrahmanian (Concluding Part 35 of 35)

Namaskaar. We conclude the series with this Part 35 of the Kathopanishat commentary by Shri V. Subrahmanian. It has been a great learning session for me and I hope all readers have also enjoyed and benefited from it. 1,611 more words


Kathopanishat – Commentary by Shri V. Subrahmanian (Part 34 of 35)

Namaskaar. We move on to the penultimate part 34 of the Kathopanishat Commentary series of 35 parts by Shri V. Subrahmanian on website of Advaita Aacademy… 1,400 more words


Kathopanishat – Commentary by Shri V. Subrahmanian (Part 33 of 35)

Namaskaar. Moving on to Part 33 of the Commentary on Kathopanishat by Shri V. Subrahmanian. The commentator reiterates below “The upaniShad-s are never tired of saying that the Supreme Reality called… 1,453 more words


Going back to the roots of Hinduism

Most of the people just don’t seem to understand why do Hindus believe in so many Gods and have so many unrealistic mythological stories and rituals. 457 more words


What is Yoga, as per The Katha Upanisad

The Katha Upanisad provides one of the earliest articulations of yoga, and expresses a central way of conceiving yoga, restraint of the senses, likened to the yoking of the vicious horses of a chariot driver -Kath.  165 more words

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