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“The inhabitant or soul of the universe…is never seen; its voice alone is heard. All we know is that it has a gentle voice, like a woman, a voice so fine and gentle that even children cannot become afraid. 513 more words

You are...

“You are, what your deep driving desire is…” – Upanishads


Lights, Camera, Action (Extended Cut)

Have you ever wondered: Why your life is the way it is? How you found yourself in this particular body, with these thoughts and feelings? Who chose your family? 762 more words

By Eaden Shantay

Meaning of "tat tvam asi", "aham brahmasmi", "ayamatma brahma" and "prajnanam brahma" from the perspective of Achintya bheda abheda Vedanta

If we understand the meaning of only one verse out of the 4, then we can easily understand the remained three. Let’s consider the first one “tat tvam asi”. 1,293 more words

Vedic Texts

The Inner Light of Crystalline Clarity

Sally Kempton, a non-dual teacher and author, writes:

“The Kena Upanishad says that the Self ‘shines through the mind and senses,’ which is a poetic way of saying that it is the power of the Self which allows the mind and senses to function.

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Orthodoxy or unorthodoxy in Vedic Dharma?

Orthodoxy or unorthodoxy in Vedic Dharma?

A) Simply being initiated in an unbroken paramparā hailing from a bona fide ācārya of a bona fide sampradāya does not mean that the current mentor/guru will, also, be ideologically correct both in his theory and praxis — if such a ‘neo’ mentor chooses to not abide by the staunch orthodoxy on the pretext of making revolution.” 1,302 more words

Exposures Of Contamination

The Meaning of AUM

According to the late Sanskrit scholar Eknath Easwaran, the Mandukya Upanishad “Captures the essentials of mystical insight.”  It is the tiniest of the Upanishads and also the one in which the metaphor of AUM is revealed.   267 more words