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An accidental seeker and a true seeker

That is the distinction between an accidental seeker and a true seeker: an accidental seeker can be made to listen through a foreign influence. 125 more words


About the Scarcity Myth

Since we made the transition from city to country we’ve been struck by how generous, kind and abundant mother nature is: whether it’s silence or birdsong, wood to burn or water to drink, there seems to be a pattern emerging over the last six months of needs being met in ever-increasingly spectacular ways – our recent trip to a freshwater spring near the coast at Oare was one such experience, and the inspiration for our… 610 more words


Lessons from Ishavasyopanishad

All asuras like atmahatya. It means not only suicide, but also denying the existence of God who is also known as Atma. Suicide is sinful because the person attempting it is trying to leave the world before the prescribed end of his tenure on earth. 537 more words


Two Birds on a Tree: different models of selflessness

Discussing the illusion of self control with a friend the other day, it became clear that the idea of self as an illusion is not for everyone. 709 more words


2017 Higher Learning Weekend 

What fundamental aspects of the human experience are we not taught in school? How are we being set up for a lifetime of settling, mediocrity, frustration and disappointment? 825 more words


Atman (mined from the Library of Babel)

i thought a break from the singing bowls in order & a thought a return to mining the library of Babel might clear the mind. 460 more words