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Atman (mined from the Library of Babel)

i thought a break from the singing bowls in order & a thought a return to mining the library of Babel might clear the mind. 460 more words


Born Again - Part 1

The Hindu scriptures and the Bible speak of being born again in different ways, but they communicate some very similar spiritual principles.  In Hinduism, being born again is generally a negative thing.  577 more words

Schopenhauer. 2. From Starting Point to One GSOT, or Two?

In a search for GSOT, choosing a starting point is crucial. As we examine the pivotal philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer, we need to ask: What was his starting point? 2,976 more words

Searching For GSOT

|| TRANSGENDER ~~ the Mythological Facts and Approach||

Sexual ambivalence has been a recurring motif in figures populating the world of ancient Indian mythology.

Tales in regional folklore as well as the epic texts refer to both deities and heroes as well as non-divine figures changing genders, or manifesting as avatars of the opposite sex, such as Adhanari or Ardhaniswara, one of Shiva’s most popular avatars who is half-man and half-woman. 932 more words

Isavasya Upanishad -- Commentary Part 1 of 5 by Prof V. Krishnamurthy

Namaskaar friends

Today we start a new series, short but very important in the study of Vedanta. Isavasya Upanishad is a small 18-verse text but one which, in the wise words of the commentator, “….within these 18 verses it spans the entire spectrum of Hindu philosophy, religion, ritualism, mythology and metaphysics so precisely and so succinctly that it is probably the most often quoted… 1,600 more words

Advaita Vedanta

Hari Om Tat Sat!

I’m a Taurus and they (who the f*** are ‚they‘?) say, I’m resistent to any change. Not true. Not. At. All. I love changes, I love progress, I love growth, physically and mentally. 249 more words


& now for something compleeeeeetely different: conceptual poems inspired by libraryofbabel.info & the Upanishads

Jonathan Basile’s libraryofbabel.info is an astonishing piece of art. or, as he puts it, iterature. this compound comes from iteration & literature, two of his reasons for creating the sprawling online library. 1,401 more words