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Go to the teacher not in greed, but in love

Question: I have been reading, listening to you, Osho, Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta, for the last one year. I have a peculiar situation. Having attained a lot of peace, now I am finding difficult to read or listen. 2,138 more words


SATSANG WITH GITEN: THE UPANISHADIC VISION OF LIFE, November 2017 - January 2018, in Stockholm


Satsang with Giten on the Upanishads began on Thursday, November 2.

“The Upanishadic vision of life is that the universe is an organic whole. 68 more words

The Religion of Dogma vs The Religion of Reason

I recently came across this news article, it talks about how an Organization in India is carrying out attacks all across the country because of the alleged distortion of History in the movie. 811 more words


Releasing Ownership

Whatever we own, “my …,” be it a thought, feeling, sensation, object or experience – binds us.

And due to the nature of the field of existence (maya), sometimes what we own will feel good, other times, not so good. 28 more words

By Eaden Shantay

Which Philosophy Personally Appeals More to You, Buddhism or Advaita Vedanta?

(This is a repost of the answer that I wrote in Quora for the same question)

Both point to the same truth!

I have noticed that many people don’t agree when it is said both are the same, because they are only looking at both of them in philosophical level. 1,482 more words


Lead me from Darkness to Light-Happy Dussera

Beautiful Pavaman Verse

The Pavamana Mantra (pavamāna meaning “being purified) also known as pavamāna abhyāroha (abhyāroha, lit. “ascending”, being an Upanishadic technical term for “prayer” is a Hindu mantra introduced in the Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad… 29 more words