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Having a Girl and Repairing the Past

Since about week two or three of my pregnancy, I’ve gone through periods where I didn’t feel attached to the baby at all and contemplated terminating to crying during the 10 week ultrasound because the baby’s hand looked like it was waving. 441 more words


For your viewing pleasure

I contemplated whether to share this with all of you or not. I went through and copied down some of my mother’s conversations to me from the few months after my divorce. 705 more words

Pretty pretty please

Lately I’ve been struggling with nightmares, hearing my mother’s voice in my head in the early morning hours, finding myself waking up wracked with guilt for no good reason. 835 more words

My Love For Parents Through My Upbringing

Every night before sleep I thank God for everything I have in my life.

I am grateful for so many blessings, but definitely the biggest one is my family. 414 more words


Remaining Close to the Tree

Most of the women in my family always lived in the kitchen, but they genuinely loved it in there. My mother, for example, is one of the best cooks I’ll ever know in my life. 271 more words


A was taken flying today.  I even got to do the ‘steering’ for quite a bit.

For someone with a largely sedentary job, which involves a lot of writing, speaking and thinking, I sometimes get to do slightly different things.   332 more words

I wanna give all my secrets away (the finale)

The day that I told John about Tim and me, I also told Tim that I told John. He had always told me that it would wreck so many relationships and lives if I said anything, and that fear had kept me silent for too long. 894 more words