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An uncertain ratio

This is an essay I wrote to submit to a journal. Unfortunately it didn’t make the cut, so I thought I would edit it a bit and post it here… 2,512 more words


Upbringing Of Children Book

Home Principles of Upbringing Children Principles of Upbringing My friend Riaz Ahmed gave me a copy of the Urdu translation of the book to read and attempt its We will explain the importance of the family, of the church and of parochial school, and we will discuss some difficulties and errors in bringing up children. 535 more words


Getting too logical ..

Kaida … Kaida ..Akhir fayda..

(What’s the use of so many rules ?)

This song has been my personal favourite from my childhood days. Not only for the reason of great performances by the players involved, both on and off camera, but more because of that imaginary world where this song takes me. 179 more words




Where did it go?

The young don’t know.

The gangs don’t know.

Where did it go?

No respect for life.

No respect for others. 38 more words

My Poems


I am a shuttle
and the planet
is my maker.

Its body birthed mine;
from its rock and metal
I became – me.

Preparing for take-off. 88 more words


Who DOES that?!

Seriously, who does that?

The following incedints have actually happened to me, which makes me wonder about the future of humanity.

Situation A

I was at a birthday party where I didn’t know anybody else but the birthday child. 1,120 more words


A Lucky Child

I was a lucky child
My parents did not give me material items
They had no money
They did not give me self esteem
It was not theirs to give… 130 more words