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Please forgive me if I cringe
when you talk about sex
as you speak efervescently
wish I were you instead
of this guilt ridden man… 177 more words


Mini-dissection of a workaholic

‘I rest by working.’ – I’ve said this so many times and recently it’s becoming like a personal motto. And still, even though my ‘free’ time is completely filled up and I couldn’t fit more even if I wanted to, I always have this strange anxiety feeling that I am not doing enough, that there is much more that can be done. 372 more words


Life: In My Eyes

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you my story.

Growing up was never easy for me, especially being the oldest of four children, all just one year apart.   352 more words

First Post

I created this page at the end of last year (2014) because I really wanted to start writing down everything that was going on in my mind and also sharing my experiences. 276 more words


The Pains of Bringing up a Black Son

Bringing up a black son, is a purer act of courage
When there is evident coverage
Of heavy ignorance, that blurs reasoning
To an extent that makes man a beast, and a zombie that devours the black skin… 559 more words

Simplicity Parenting

I’m listening to a book called Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne and Lisa M Ross. Though I’ve browsed through many pregnancy books, this is one of the few that address the actual upbringing. 220 more words


Solo Parenting vs. Single Parenting


So here we are, it’s mid-way thru 2015.  The Ex moved to another state, 1,200 miles away, several months ago.  The kids refused to go with him (so I’m not as horrible as The Ex says!) and I’m navigating the unknown waters of single parenthood.  348 more words