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7 Behaviours Your Children Will Learn From You

7 Behaviours Your Children Will Learn From You- Mike Berry, The Good Men Project

1. How you treat their mother.

If you are kind, sharing, giving, supportive, caring, and treat your wife with respect and dignity, your children will treat your wife with respect and dignity. 515 more words


Stories From Around The World

“From elementary through high school, my parents had two rules. First, I had to study a year ahead in math and science before I could participate in fun summer activities. 57 more words



When my wife and I were going to do some shopping this morning, I helped her with her coat before we left. That kind of courtesy is quite normal in our family and, I think, it has been practiced by me for more than forty years already, but still my wife recognized it with a smile saying, “Thanks, you’re a real gentleman.” Interestingly, I heard almost the same phrase long ago when, together with a few other educationalists, I arrived in the U.S.A. 219 more words

I made him Cry

I made my Dad cry !

So my Dad’s job makes him Travel  A LOT. He was home last week. But he had to leave a couple of days back. 957 more words


To Dishonor Your Father and Mother

It’s not uncommon for us to disagree with our parents’ wishes. It originates at a young age – when wanting dessert before dinner; to stay up longer; or to sleep over at a friend’s house on a school night. 946 more words

Things to consider before taking the 'Parenting' plunge

In India, the society is such that once a girl or a boy attains the marriageable age their parents and relatives become adamant for them to get married. 652 more words

Life Lessons

#74 - Biting Incident

L’s “nemesis”, Kate, in Chinese class (more like mine..haha!) has gone too far. She did not give way on the slide and when L said “excuse me”, instead, she turned around attempting to bite her. 127 more words

Early Childhood Education