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Will having more women employees in schools make them safer?

TOI Alert flashes on my screen: *5 year old raped by peon ‘uncle’. Tap to read more.*

Another one from a few days before that: *7 year old boy found dead in the school toilet, throat slit. 446 more words

Real Experiences

Age appropriate for an appropriate age

vol 101

The latest episode of the Force Ghost Coast To Coast podcast[1] host Brian Salvador had a special guest. His five year old daughter Joined him to talk about Star Wars. 508 more words


Well, Here Goes...My Story, Pt. 2

Hello again! This is part two of my deconversion story. I’m including a bit of life history to give a foundation to my leaving Christianity in early 2017. 928 more words

Don't make them, let them become.

In one of my previous posts I talked about how raising kids was my topic right now. How I’m reading and reading and reading about it. 1,019 more words


Renouncing my Christianity

Now as soon as my family and some of my friends read this, they will see this as an announcement to Atheism or Satanism but that could not be farther from the truth. 504 more words

Personal Help

Group therapy

I went to my very first support group meeting for eating disorders last night. A few weeks ago I started to feel somehow lonely with my problem. 897 more words

Binge Eating

Chinese kindergarten - is it too much?

I was due to start teaching last weekend, but because of recent holidays the students had to go to school on Saturday, meaning our classes were postponed a week. 807 more words