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Let's shout at those kids!!!!!

Pass the god damn ball!! You kick like a girl!! You should play with balls!! Kill them!! These are all common phrases that we have heard whilst attending a football match be it a champions league final to an under 7 friendly. 593 more words


Puberty; when children become annoying?

Most people see puberty as a bad thing. It’s the time when good children become rebellious teenagers. They don’t want to listen anymore at all and there’s no good thing about it – according to many adults. 353 more words

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#CoolDad #010


Tim: “… and then when she’s fiiinally close enough, the lioness SNATCHES her prey!!”



Tim: “She grrraaaabs the gazelle by the neck and TEARS through the skin, flesh and bone. 124 more words

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Mental Support vs Financial Support for the child

Parent’s mental support to a child is more important than financial support:

Every generation has its own challenges and luxuries.Many of us must have heard stuff like “We never paid so much attention to our kids and see they are still doing well” or “You are being too possessive for your child” or something else on similar line. 213 more words


Accusations and Vindications

Hereon were/are actual happenings with paraphrased wordings (because I’m forgetful).

I figured out my writer’s block; Mom. I held myself back in writing because I’ll be mentioning about and exposing her. 1,518 more words


#CoolDad #007

Mum: “Hun, I’m worried about Rob.”

Dad: “What happened?”

Mum: “I was tidying his desk and found a very detailed and realistic drawing of a handgun.” 58 more words

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The trauma of her upbringing
Shook her soul awake
Like a rough wind in a sudden spring
Rids bare branches of snow and brake

With a shock, with a shock, she thawed stood… 49 more words