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Day 16 of 31 day blogging challenge

How are you like your ma & pa?

If I had to answer this question anytime during those awkward teenage years the anwser would be – IM NOT! 759 more words


“She kisses my boo-boos, she braids my hair. My mother is beyond compare. We love you mothers everywhere.” I love this quote from none other than Agnes the littlest of the girls in Despicable Me. 396 more words


Happy Women's Day (?)

I’ve been thinking about what to write for the last few days, but couldn’t come up with something worthwhile.

Anyhow, today being women’s day got my grey cells running- why only one day to celebrate womanhood? 215 more words


Resource Library Book Review: Outliers: The Story of Success

Outliers: The Story of Success
Malcom Gladwell

I had previously read this book in my introductory leadership class during my freshmen year and loved it! I still loved going back and re-reading it now as a senior. 190 more words


You Are Not

You are not your culture
You are not your skin colour
You are not your language

You are not the thread of your hair
You are not your complexion… 42 more words



England, the land of my birth.

Africa, the land of my origin.

Archipelago, the land of my upbringing.

Eden, the land of my mind, of my heart. 163 more words


“I’ll be honest, I’ve had to deal with a couple of the worst parents since I was five years old. My parents hate each other, so I’ve always had to be the the buffer between the two of them. 229 more words