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One fine evening I was in
my favorite restaurant there,
and at the next table there
was a father, a mother, and
a scrawny boy about twelve years old. 283 more words


"Children learn what they live"

A few months ago while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across what seemed like sage advice for parents in the form of a poem. 345 more words




“In the house of a good human being, four things are never absent: a proper seat, a place to sit, water to drink, and courteous speech. 957 more words


Modesty and happiness

via Daily Prompt: Finally

Seeing my past choices laid out in my mind I can finally say:

“I know what I am doing wrong”.

Scared to ask for what I need, I ended up not getting anything. 202 more words

Painful memories of parental favoritism entangled in nightmares

Do any of you have dreams or nightmares that are so bad and so vivid that they send your mood spiraling downwards, even hours after waking from them? 441 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

HELP! Should I call my mother on Christmas Day if I don't hear from her first?

So far, no call.

My mother should’ve got my letter Thursday and for all I know it shredded itself to pieces the moment I left the post office. 1,568 more words



Janaki was looking very worried and stressed out, I think something was bugging her. She seemed to have lost somewhere and her chirpy attitude was also missing today. 1,073 more words