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“I’ll be honest, I’ve had to deal with a couple of the worst parents since I was five years old. My parents hate each other, so I’ve always had to be the the buffer between the two of them. 229 more words


We act like prayer wheels, “be honest” is the mantra we’re repeatingly telling the kids.
And now, when we have the chance to act according to our teachings, we try to reassure them with bending the truth. 32 more words


I was beyond broke before I left for college. I wanted to train at a really nice gym as I prepared for preseason, but that just wasn’t feasible. 256 more words


In a World of L-I-E-S

Nurture had, once again, WON over NATURE here!!!

In a world of L-I-E-S, we were raised up, our parents lied, because THEIR parents lied (and, you DO see where I’m goin’ with this, right???), and, they’d, “bred” us, into, a WHOLE bunch of little liars… 199 more words

Experiences Of Life

Is marriage an achievement?

A friend forwarded this image to me on Whatsapp. Not sure I agree entirely. A wedding is not an achievement. A good, balanced marriage certainly is, calling for years of work on the part of both parties. 213 more words


Breaking the Stereotype-End to Differential Parenting based on gender

This piece of writing is for those females who find themselves lone warrior when it comes to housework and they wonder if their spouse or brother could have helped in some way!! 708 more words


Choice or chance?

Can you see that little kid smiling there? Innocence reflects in his eyes.
After few years, he’ll be all grown up, no? With what? Less innocence, maybe? 198 more words