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You: Your Worst Enemy

“Once they made you do what you have to, they’ll never let you do what you want to.”

I wish I could tell you some wise man or woman had uttered those words a long time ago.

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Mom: You don’t have time neither you call.What will you do when you get your own family.

Me(Arguing) : Stop complaining mom.I have piled up works. 119 more words

Shanghai powerplant

Abandoned power plants are interesting. They are normally situated in outskirt areas of cities surrounded by empty large parking lots and security gates. However this one is just by the Huangpu river in Shanghai. 147 more words

Beauty & Design


In my country women are considered equal to a Goddess but are still denied education. They are not respected the way they should be. So let’s just say they are just “considered” equal to a Goddess and not treated like one. 791 more words


Mystery Unfolded

I don’t know for sure why I am who I am

But I can guess

It could be because I was raised in a

Conservative, controlling family… 330 more words


Remarkable Human Beings No.1: Captain Wilhelm Hosenfeld

The Jewish Holocaust that rampaged through Germany and into occupied Europe before and during World War Two claimed over 6 million victims. The figure we don’t often see is the amount of survivors. 485 more words

#CoolDad #025

Cindy: “Mum, I was talking to Ben last night.”

Mum: “Aww, were you now??”


Mum: “And what did he tell you?”

Cindy: “He says he wants to go back to England.” 98 more words

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