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30 Amazing Pedagogy Course . Workshop 1 -"Adults' Education or 30 Qualities to develop in children for them to become the people of culture"

We are starting a new large workshop. This training course was designed for BALANCE clubs, “Our children” School, “Our Family”School and other educational institutions. The point is that the parent does not take the quality somewhere else, somewhere in a fairy tale or parable, or in the book, and passes it to a child who receives it happily and immediately becomes good. 137 more words



An amazing, powerful a must listen, talk about parents and children, fear Allaah concerning your parents and fear Allaah concerning your children! Our brother relays examples of the Prophets and those that followed them; their concern of wanting righteous offspring, and the importance of asking and making Du’aa to Allaah to bless us with righteous children, the importance of selecting a pious spouse, choosing righteous wholesome names and protecting the Fitrah of a child. 30 more words

Raising Children

Saturday slumming

A swift interlude in “Sorting Thro’ Clobber” is taking place. No 1+ spouse are away for a while but next week will return, load the car with Wanted Clobber, lock our front door and depart for their own home. 535 more words

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How to Stop the Whining and Crying: The Happy Heart Technique

AsSalāmualaykum I came across this article and found it quite useful but the nasty ads on the page were really annoying so I thought to rewrite the article in order for you to benefit from it without getting distracted by unnecessary advertisements. 1,074 more words


How the Salaf Raised Their Children

Another beautiful and extremely beneficial talk by Abu Khadeejah, on this very important topic. Please click the Image below. New (window will open)


Does it take a village to raise a child or are the villages gates now sealed off? Does community spirit still exist or are we all in some way responsible for the dissemination of our villages?   1,521 more words


We must go back to the beginning before we can wipe the slate clean.

Self-analyzing can  be a powerful eye opener. I’ve  often found myself thinking back on things I’ve done and decisions I’ve made and wondered why? Because knowing what I know now, I would have known better. 838 more words