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You have to start early

While I was walking with dad in the park
The sun was smiling, bright as a spark
The trees were beautiful, birds were singing
The shadows were light, not a shade of dark… 171 more words


Parents - Children relationship...

Note : Parent refers to my father, mother, grandfather and grandmother.

It may be the randomest thing / topic on which I am taking the pleasure to bore you and by random, I mean, the topic came to me accidentally while I was analysing my surrounding as I was forced to be engaged in an activity in which I had lost interest early in my life. 616 more words


Two Different Levels

You won’t be able to provide me with the lifestyle that I’m working my way up to accomplish. I’m working myself to achieve the life my parents have provided for me and more. 473 more words


Growing up as being the youngest of 4 girls you can imagine my father had it in for good. All of those hormonal changes under one roof, I don’t even know how he did it an still managed to be a more typical “at home” father. 690 more words


Nature v Nurture

This place disgust me. These people are horrible. The music is too loud. These people find everything hilarious (said to people being pushed around on a skateboard – which did look very fun). 423 more words


Whole Cookie

Because of the economics of my childhood, my parents were thrifty. Because of the economics of their respective childhoods, they knew how. There was never enough money to be miserly, and my parents practiced generosity whenever, and, however, they could. 849 more words


I grew up the youngest in a family of five. My mother and father divorced when I was a few months old. My mother struggled to take care of five young children on her own. 1,323 more words