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I am Alex and this is My Story.

Who I Am

My life was supposed to “work out.” I was “supposed” to be brought up with two, loving, caring parents who modeled what love and family looked like from the start. 1,942 more words


I came across this completely by accident. And was simply stunned! From the power of the talents. From the inner strength of these kids, each of whom survived terrible experience. 771 more words


The Best Gift From A Father to his Child

Credits: favim.com

Yes, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure that my child is brought up well with good education. Even if it means changing her childcare so that she enjoys her learning experiences.


We go out everyday and see different people (if not meet them), having no idea of what they think, have or do. And most of all, how they raised as children, because that alone is what makes them who they are now. 710 more words

We Are Different

Cannabis: It matters how young you start - Science Daily (Careful what you read into it)


The point here is that it is not the cannabis that is causal, but the determinant lies with the teen.  A young teen willing to defy laws and experiment with drugs suggests an unhealthy background– impoverished, ghetto, violence, lack of good parenting, and so on.  55 more words


Why We Are Attracted to Bad Partners (Who Resemble a Parent)

The research is thin on this point, but it appears many of us bond to partners whose attachment style (and other characteristics) reprise dramas from the family we grew up in. 1,269 more words


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A great piece on Attachment Types, and why they are essential on the journey to understanding our true selves, and what we need.