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Upsilon Circuit, A PC Game Where Game Over Literally Means Game Over

The Game Over screen has never really stayed true to its name in most of the games aside from some masochistic text based adventure games. Even the merciless and cruel games of 1980s and 90s gave you the chance to play your game again (albeit from start). 292 more words

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Upcoming Games: Rek's Review

Hey, Rek here. I want to talk about a few of the upcoming games coming out soon. First up we’ll talk about Star Wars Battlefront. 859 more words

Upcoming Games

Star Wars:Battlefront for Everyone!!!

Yes, its true!!! But Beta only!!

Star Wars: Battlefront is the third major release of the series,  being developed by EA DICE and will be published by Electronic Arts.It is scheduled for a release date of… 286 more words


Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Get Ready!! To get a lowdown on a new avatar Lara!!

Being the first post here,it had to be something big.Well, now the wait is over and Rise of the Tomb Raider is finally coming on… 700 more words


Dragon Age Inquisition Game of The Year Edition Releases On October 6th

Dragon Age Inquisition was my game of the year last year. I’ve played through the game about 4 times. I’ve racked up over 450 hours of gameplay and I plan on putting a ton more hours in the game before I’m done with it. 177 more words


When Did It Become Normal To Pay For A Closed Beta

Back in the day getting access to a game in closed beta used to be free. It was hard, but free. Now we have founders packs that cost as much as $300 that gives us a bunch of side content along with closed beta access to whatever ever game we’re trying to get into.  344 more words


Does Anyone Care About Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice?

Sonic has really gone downhill lately. Just when I thought Sonic could make a comeback after Sonic Generations we got nothing, but subpar Sonic games and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is continuing the trend of bad Sonic games.  361 more words

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