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My Neighbor Who Once Was a Doctor but Then Became a Farmer

My Neighbor Who Once Was a Doctor but Then Became a Farmer (MNWOWDBTBF) is a physics-based farming/nonsense simulator. You take a role of Bedford, a man who quits a well-paid job as a doctor to pursue his dream of becoming a farmer but… This good-hearted character doesn’t have any idea of farming skills so he will do his best to become the best farmer in the world! 277 more words

Upcoming Games

5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Video Games That We Cannot Wait For!

2017 is if not the best year in gaming with amazing releases like BOTW, Horizon Zero Dawn and indie developers making tremendous games like Hellblade. This year has proven that you don’t have to associate with a big gaming franchise in order to earn money. 65 more words


Hit or Miss - September Part 2

Here’s part 2 to my hit or miss series for September! 341 more words


Lets Talk About Monster Hunter World!

Monster Hunter World has a release date and it’s coming sooner than everyone thought it would.  427 more words



Midli is a narrative-driven Breakout-inspired adventure, with a relaxing yet dark atmosphere, where you collect the soul fragments of lingering spirits, to uncover their stories and help them move on. 266 more words

Upcoming Games


Verdungeon is a 3D adventure video game that combines the concept of old board games with a turn-based dynamic system. You’ll control a little carrot (Carroto, the Vegetable’s Hero) that will have to fight the most dangerous Carnic Clan in the Orchard Reign to save the dungeons. 285 more words

Upcoming Games

Nintendo Direct Announcements Summarized

What did you miss from Nintendo Directs presentation that will keep you up at night if you don’t know? Lucky for you we have that answer and much more. 1,950 more words