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Mafia III One Way Road Story Trailer

Mafia III is a game most fans have been clamoring for since its announcement during last years Gamescom announcement. Today, 2K releases another teaser trailer to get us all excited for its upcoming blockbuster. 52 more words

Upcoming Games

Battleborn Open Beta First Impression

Battleborn left a impression on me… I’m not sure if it’s a good one or a bad one yet.  543 more words


NBA 2K17 Now available for Pre-Order

The reigning Basketball game of the year is back again. NBA 2K 17 is now available for pre-order on the 2Ksports website. This appears to be the year of the… 205 more words

Game Reviews

One to Watch: Scanner Sombre

Introversion Software are best known for their gambols in the management and strategy spheres. They showed two currently-in-development prototypes at Rezzed 2016. One, Wrong Wire,  544 more words



PC/Steam, consoles
Developers: Tarsier Studios

Described as a suspense-adventure game, and given the description as played from a “dollhouse” perspective, meaning the player is much smaller than their surroundings and must therefor think of ways to reach areas, possibly by climbing on things. 116 more words


Elysian Shadows

Dreamcast, PC, mobile, OUYA
Developers: Elysian Shadows

    Set in a world where people that follow The Creator are given magic abilities, and everyone who doesn’t agree with it must rely on the technology they have to live their lives.  95 more words


Atlas Reactor

Developers: Trion Worlds
Publishers: Trion Worlds

    Atlas’ last reactor is held by the Trusts, they control everything with this power, life, the lights, everything.  467 more words