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Next Session Of The Ladder - Feb 13th: The Heart!

Valentine’s Day is once again nearly upon us, bringing to mind hearts galore!

Join us at this month’s session of the Ladder where we’ll be learning all about REAL hearts like the one in your chest working tirelessly 24/7/365 to circulate blood throughout your body. 153 more words

The Ladder

Upcoming Multi County Cotton Production Meeting

Mark you calendars for the upcoming Cotton Production Meeting in Dillon, especially if you miss the state cotton meeting in Santee next Tuesday (1/26).

Please RSVP to Jessica Pittman at the Dillon Extension Office by Thursday, Feb 11 so we may have a head count for the caterer.  8 more words


Upcoming Meetings

Here are a few Extension meetings coming up over the next couple of months.  Others will be announced as they are planned.

1/20 – Financing the Farm Workshop:   107 more words

Upcoming Meetings

SNG Board Meeting

Join us for the next SNG Board meeting of 2016 scheduled for February 24th, 7pm at Matthews Center.


Next Meeting of The Ladder – January 9th: Infectious Disease And Parasites!

They’re everywhere…all around you…on you…in you…we’re talking about microorganisms! We mean critters like bacteria, viruses, some parasites – all the beasties that are microscopic (unable to be seen without extreme magnifying tools). 179 more words

Upcoming Meetings