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April Update #Iamdying

Greetings from crazy writer land,

I am on the last 10-15k words of KINGDOM and I am super fried but trying to end strong. It has come together in a weird and wonderful way that I didn’t plan for but somehow works better. 789 more words


Netflix - Notfussed?

What does one – one person or one organisation – do when approached by a certain third party, whom at first are reluctant to give what or who they are working for away, asking to use your material on a significant film or programme? 351 more words

Upcoming Projects

Bad writing day and advice- via Chuck Wendig

There are days when being a writer makes you feel like you are a Creator God, Designer of Worlds, Breaker and Maker of Destinies. But some characters, like man, are prone to do, they turn around and say, “Fuck you Creator God, I’m gonna do what I want!” and they destroy that perfectly structured PLAN that you lovingly designed for them. 291 more words


Last Chance to support "As Told By Things"!

Today is the last day to back the “As Told By Things” anthology on Kickstarter! If you enjoy original short stories and some out there spec-fic, this is definitely one to take a look at.

Happy Springtime!

This past Tuesday (March 20th) was the first day of Spring!  Delightful.  I don’t know about you, but in my neck of the woods we’ve been celebrating with temperatures reaching the mid-60s (Fahrenheit)!  306 more words


Less than a week to support "As Told By Things"!

There are six days remaining to support the Kickstarter for “As Told By Things”, a short story anthology by Atthis Arts.

Included in the anthology is my own short story, “Start Again”, telling the story of a couple’s relationship from the perspective of their sourdough starter. 27 more words