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I suppose doing a preview of the reviews that I plan on writing is strange, but the purpose is more to motivate myself to see these plans through now that I’ve watched these films (and was kept interested enough to find them worth writing about at all), so, here goes: 68 more words


Upcoming Reviews: Summer is Ending

Stopped in to my favorite and only Used Bookstore that I have come across where I live and picked up a few gems. Also, this was nostalgic for me since summer is ending soon and my teaching career is to begin again, even though, it never really ended as I continuously think about my classroom and students, mentally pinning the different things to be done during the coming school year. 130 more words

Announcement: /LIT/ Core 100

Even though it is so late into the summer already and I will be resuming my college activities by mid-August, I have decided to take up the /LIT/ Core 100 race my friends have set up. 321 more words

Upcoming Reviews!

I am currently reading Ruined by M.Never, Sloth by Ella James, followed by Jag by Stevie J Cole. I have my pre order in for Ruin and Rule by Pepper Winters! 11 more words

Stevie J Cole

What are you Reading?

I am currently reading Ruined by M. Never, followed by Sloth by Ella James, and then on to Jag by Stevie J Cole. I just put in my pre order for Ruin and Rule by Pepper Winters. 11 more words

Upcoming Reviews

Upcoming Reviews

I just wanted to keep everyone abreast of the board game reviews that will be coming out during the next week. The following are being shot and edited now; 34 more words

Flaming Dice Reviews