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Upcoming Reviews: Summer is Ending

Stopped in to my favorite and only Used Bookstore that I have come across where I live and picked up a few gems. Also, this was nostalgic for me since summer is ending soon and my teaching career is to begin again, even though, it never really ended as I continuously think about my classroom and students, mentally pinning the different things to be done during the coming school year. 130 more words

Upcoming Demo Reviews

Ok so having a job, having no time and having no money is really a large problem when it comes to reviewing games and finding the latest tech news. 89 more words

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Announcement: /LIT/ Core 100

Even though it is so late into the summer already and I will be resuming my college activities by mid-August, I have decided to take up the /LIT/ Core 100 race my friends have set up. 321 more words

Upcoming Reviews!

I am currently reading Ruined by M.Never, Sloth by Ella James, followed by Jag by Stevie J Cole. I have my pre order in for Ruin and Rule by Pepper Winters! 11 more words

Stevie J Cole

What are you Reading?

I am currently reading Ruined by M. Never, followed by Sloth by Ella James, and then on to Jag by Stevie J Cole. I just put in my pre order for Ruin and Rule by Pepper Winters. 11 more words

Upcoming Reviews

Upcoming Reviews

I just wanted to keep everyone abreast of the board game reviews that will be coming out during the next week. The following are being shot and edited now; 34 more words

Flaming Dice Reviews