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Easter Workshops

Page Update

Finished the Cupid’s Day page this evening. There are still some molds that have not been poured, therefore are not priced. And some we do not have pictures for. 58 more words

Upcoming Workshops

Catalog Update

Cupid’s Day

Today I added another page to the catalog called Cupid’s Day. It includes valentines, hearts, and cherubs. Descriptions, sizes, and prices will be added later. 35 more words

Upcoming Workshops

New Catalog Page

Today I added a new page to our catalog, Let It Sing. This page includes all musical pieces except bells, which are under Let It Ring. 90 more words

Upcoming Workshops

Duncan Classes at Dayton Show

Dru Woodward, Duncan certification instructor, will be teaching the following classes at the Midwest Ceramic Show in Dayton April 21st and 22nd.

Upcoming Workshops

Easter Parade Update

This evening I updated Bunnies, Carts, Ducks, and Eggs on the Easter Parade page, adding more pictures, descriptions, sizes and prices. The catalog is nowhere near complete but will give you some idea of what we have. 18 more words

Upcoming Workshops

Easter Basket Update

Today I updated the Easter Basket part of the Easter Parade page with additional pictures, descriptions, sizes, and prices. Please make sure to order your bisque ahead of time. 144 more words

Upcoming Workshops

Easter Bisque


I added a picture page tonight for the Easter items as that page was never created. The details will be added as soon as possible. 105 more words

Upcoming Workshops