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Hat + ears = cuteness overload!

I love this hat pattern, the Cosy Winter Hood from the book Oliver +S “Little Things to Sew“.  Really what isn’t to love about it, it’s a hat with ears! 390 more words

Kids Clothes

Upcycling the kitchen table

When we moved into the house at the end of April we had a kitchen table that we were debating whether to keep. Originally it had been my mum and dad’s kitchen table from about 15 years ago and then it had been a kitchen table and a craft table for me for a few years while the chairs were being stored in my parents garage, but it was still structurally solid.  292 more words


Red Dotted Lines shelf





Another boring shelf upcycled with red spray paint, red paint drips, and found rusty bottle caps.  I used the top edges of paper as a template to spray paint and get the red lines of dots.


KCW Summer 2015: Day 4-A's Gargoyle Garden

Lots of walking, some yardsale-ing, one bunny, one ground hog, one marsh, two creeks, and some pattern organization happened today.  Suddenly it was bedtime without sewing a stitch.  176 more words


"The Doors" Table

Originally a $5.00 Goodwill plant stand, I had been using this plain wooden table when I decided it needed to be painted ( why did it take me so long to think of it), gave it a coat of white primer/paint, and then turned it upside down to drip black paint on it. 94 more words


Risky Slitness

Take a look at this gem:

Pros: (1) Fit me quite well (2) Lovely white lace fabric with a 2 layered lining (3) No stains/rips (4) Only cost $6.00! 375 more words


Fruit bowl

I’ve been collecting fruit stickers for quite a while.  This was an old brown bowl with a beautiful shape.  I spray painted various colors and painted it.   73 more words