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Operation Clean Glass

On my journey back to life intended, I have slowly weaned my family off of plastic containers. This task was not easy. Even though I took the plastic containers away and stashed them in a box in my closet (I put decorating stuff in them), they somehow still found their way downstairs in the refrigerator with leftovers in them. 413 more words


Mirror, mirror on the wall

I like to buy cheap mirrors and re-do them for my home. The small mirrors were 25 cents. I usually pay about $2 per mirror. 212 more words


Easter eggs getting a new look

Here’s the eggs I started working with:

For the minty green and pink eggs I started to paint the middle circle white, (covering the chickens) using water based acrylic paint. 152 more words


Trash Wave

The Guardian has published a photo gallery to visually demonstrate overpopulation and overconsumption by humans. There are some incredible images that are almost unbelievable.

Two of these images really struck me, and have helped to encourage my recycling/ upcycling crafts. 173 more words


I've Got Veggies!!

Lately, I have been ALL over Pinterest. That site is sooo addictive! I’ve been flip flopping between décor and my drive to become natural. As you may have read, I recently discovered that I have an allergy to milk :-( As a consequence, my family is partly subjected to the no moo life. 198 more words

Green Living

Do It Yourself Upcycled Sandwich Wraps

Accomplished: 2 sandwich wraps
Time: 1 Mad Men episode

That’s right! That’s all it takes to make a couple of these. They’re small enough for a lunch box or to keep handy when you need a doggy bag — let’s… 270 more words


Pullover to Cardigan Refashion

I love this pullover’s bright colour and the merino wool fabric. Value village (VV) score for 8 bucks, with no holes, no stains, and most importantly coming from a rookie thrifter, NO MOTHBALL SMELL. 670 more words