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KCW Summer 2015: Day 4-A's Gargoyle Garden

Lots of walking, some yardsale-ing, one bunny, one ground hog, one marsh, two creeks, and some pattern organization happened today.  Suddenly it was bedtime without sewing a stitch.  176 more words


"The Doors" Table

Originally a $5.00 Goodwill plant stand, I had been using this plain wooden table when I decided it needed to be painted ( why did it take me so long to think of it), gave it a coat of white primer/paint, and then turned it upside down to drip black paint on it. 94 more words


Risky Slitness

Take a look at this gem:

Pros: (1) Fit me quite well (2) Lovely white lace fabric with a 2 layered lining (3) No stains/rips (4) Only cost $6.00! 375 more words


Fruit bowl

I’ve been collecting fruit stickers for quite a while.  This was an old brown bowl with a beautiful shape.  I spray painted various colors and painted it.   73 more words


World Ocean Day

Today is World Ocean’s Day. A day to think about our fishy friends and their unique environments, and consider how our everyday lives impacts on theirs. 169 more words


Bunting, bunting, bunting and more bunting

I have made loads of it, simply loads and if I am not making it, I am teaching someone to make it. Good job I quite enjoy it. 392 more words



has taken the concept of hosting a simple “Garage Sale” to a whole new level. Imagine farm fields, their grassy carpets filled with hip vendors perched on chippy stools, smiling under sparkling white tents. 377 more words