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The ultimate romantic gesture

I have allowed my face to be moulded and ‘splodged’ in latex, come face to face with myself made out of plaster of Paris (a very strange experience) and been photographed throughout as C did weird stuff to me towards her Art GCSE. 222 more words

Relocation To France

The Mighty Quinn - my first 'pet' spider?

The only water tap at the house is over a massive stone laundry sink in the furthest part of the garage, and the installation of this tap was greatly anticipated because we had no water source at all when we arrived at the house in August… 359 more words


Someone made the sin of painting this gorgeous old school desk in matt black… I took it back to how it should look and booked my place in heaven..! 8 more words

Luck is on Our Side, but Gravity isn't

Today’s meeting with the builder, the plumber and the electrician was another roller coaster. This time it was ‘Non, non, non’ from Jerome the plumber. ‘Non’, there isn’t enough in the budget to do what I want. 435 more words

Inspiration and Help from a Friend

A friend came to visit from Provence on Tuesday. She arrived mid-afternoon, bearing bread, cheese and champagne (she even brought champagne flutes) so I abandoned yanking fabric from the walls and we enjoyed a lovely boozy afternoon snack. 405 more words

Relocation To France

Broken Glass

I got an early Christmas present. It’s called a kinkajou, and no I’m not referring to the furry forest dwelling creature. It’s a handy little mechanism for cutting glass bottles. 232 more words


Upcycled Bike Wall Art

Today I’m featuring the work of my boyfriend. Cycling is one of his passions and creative solutions come naturally to him. About a year ago he invested in a better bike, but still hung onto his old one. 169 more words