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Mid-Week Quickie: Neighborhood Envy

While Lainey is compiling and organizing her photos and notes from her Marburger trip, I thought I’d share my neighbor’s really cute garden decor! I took this photo on my way to school the other day, trying to be discreet so I don’t get a reputation in the neighborhood. 93 more words


DIY Jar Decoration

Feeling a little crafty, but don’t want to spend a bunch on supplies? All I used for this was an old jar, mod podge, fake leaves, glitter, and some twine. 189 more words

the winemaker's table

One morning a few months ago I set out on my treasure hunting route feeling extraordinarily optimistic.   You know when you know there is a good treasure waiting for you and you just have to uncover it.  371 more words


How to Upcycle a Cheap, Old Bookcase Into a New, Design-Worthy Piece

BookcaseGood, Great, or just OK?
Bookcase 35 Things To Do With All Those Books storage/shelving How to Paint Laminate Furniture
How to Upcycle a Cheap, Old Bookcase Into a New, Design-Worthy Piece. 15 more words

Automobile Wreck Yards: the next hot thing in fashion upcycling

Smart cars, electric cars, zero emissions, blah blah blah. Everyone’s so crazy about greening their transportation tire-print and saving the planet they have missed out on the most important of the three ‘r’s: AccessoRizing. 152 more words