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Hearing that the xylophone I sold today would be installed in a chicken coop, was music to my ears.

Toy Box And Book Shelf

Furnishing A Tiny House

Going tiny requires sacrifice.  With a smaller space comes less cleaning (bonus) but also less storage for clothes, less living space for furniture, etc.  But some amazing upsides to going tiny include smaller utility bills and lower cost of living (overall).   402 more words

Tiny House

The Closet Challenge

Lately I’ve been feeling like my space at home is shrinking. My space to store shoes, my space to hang my clothes, my space to store even my underwear and socks! 410 more words

Zero Waste - June Update

After another big shop at Original Unverpackt (our local zero waste shop) we are almost plastic free. Toothpaste was the last item in our bathroom where we still used a regular store bought product so we were delighted to find the toothpaste tablets below, and I am really pleased with the clean feeling I get after using them. 192 more words


Upcycling Dungarees

Last summer on a very hot day I panic bought some dungaree shorts from a vintage shop. They’re cool, but very large, and because of that I’ve not had much wear out of them.  198 more words


Upcycled Burlap Tote

I got this tote bag for free the other day at the store. I should have said no thank you, but I didn’t want to be rude when the cashier gave it to me. 98 more words


Crafting daily

I can’t remember when I started crafting but my love for crafts started when my Nan taught me how to knit and crochet, since then my love has grown and my house is full of finished and ongoing projects. 11 more words