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Some marathon training update, but not really

Sorry to those who sat back in their chairs, staring at this post and surprised that my blog titles even comes up again. I am surprised myself how rarely I updated this blog even though I do something I could post about nearly every day. 290 more words


Project Update

A lot has changed in the last year or thereabouts since my last project update. I’ve drifted away from my love of historical fiction and begun to write more fantasy, as well as experimenting with different types of writing. 364 more words


In The Slumps

I guess I’m down in the slumps. I’ve not done too much sewing and am in a daze. Do you ever feel like that? I guess it’s only human nature to feel this way sometimes. 158 more words


Writing Update

It’s been awhile since I last posted, and a lot has happened.

First off, I don’t think The Candy Shop will end up being published. It was a good start, but I really don’t think it is solid enough and interesting enough to do well, even just as an ebook. 204 more words


Thoroughly Thursday: The Where Has The Time Gone? Update

And, it’s Thursday again. Prompting me to look at the date on my calendar and go “Crap where has the time gone?” Look at the list of things I needed/wanted to do this week, see only a scant handful are checked off and push the majority back to next week with a heavy sigh. 480 more words


Play Tokens Update

Hi everyone,

Today we have just a quick change for you. We have updated the Play Tokens to come both in round as well as in square format for ease of cutting. 18 more words


Writing reflections, part 1

In my first post I mentioned I wanted to talk about my struggles about figuring out what I want to do. I touched on this briefly in my update but I want to go a little deeper. 505 more words