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New Backlog Page!

If you play games, sooner or later you’ll say to yourself, “Man, I should get around to playing that,” and sometime after that, you might forget to. 155 more words


New Feature: Using Go Enrol in Spanish

Students and parents whose first language is Spanish can now navigate Go Enrol in their native language. We have updated Go Enrol so that all the main menus and language course pages can be navigated in Spanish. 80 more words


Jesus Fuck, What Year Is It?

Yeah, I’ve been gone quite a long time. What happened? Work, life, forgetfulness, things. Given how guilty I feel for bailing right before Smash 4 hit the scene and not adding a single entry to some sections, here’s my shot at reviving my blog from the depths of hell. 97 more words


Help us reach the goal

Lets get this started, any donation to this true to be groundbreaking project for Xombiewoof Records would help, 5$, 10$ … anything you can offer would help, the artists working with us are giving their time and love of music and mankind, and the benefit to children’s charities is the key. 63 more words


40k/FB Update & More Page of Sigmar

Hey everyone,

Today we have a few small updates for 40k/FB, slightly tweaking the following:

  • Necrons – Gauss swapped for Rending to reflect the new codex better…
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School Update

Today is the first day of the 4th week of this term.  Terms, in case you don’t remember, are 5 1/2 weeks long.  So I am almost done with this term.   366 more words


Bobbi Kristina Brown Died At Age 22


The Daughter of the most beautiful and talented Whitney Houston has Passed Away On Sunday July 26,2015. This is a very hard time for her family and her close friends and the fans of her and her mother.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown