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I’m feeling so much better these last two week! K has been really sweet, taking care of me. Making me ginger lemon tea and making sure I didn’t run out of cold medicine. 157 more words


into webs

i like to surf
i cruise around
my friends i never met
like everything i do
and exist in my circles
invited into my space… 30 more words

Muse Hick

in the rain

some days you stand there in the rain
and someone chooses to explain
what is wrong about you
and none of it is true
but they love their bullshit… 80 more words

Muse Hick

quantum entanglement

on time for a very important date
you read about Alice to me
and we tumble after her
yesterday we talked about buying a Matrix car… 50 more words


Terwilligers Event: Don't Dwell On The "Why?", Press On Those Clones While you Can!

For Pete’s sake! While the majority of the world is stuck in the act of pondering why the Terwilliger’s event is still ongoing and where the next update is, everyone is missing the one main aspect: Not everyone has obtained all rewards or have crafted all prizes. 446 more words


0. By Line

The birth of the tabloid paper coincided with the advent of the most famous serial killer of all: Saucy Jack, The Ripper; it was also the crucible, in which was forged, the modern police force. 262 more words


Photo Gallery!

I have started getting into photography lately (thanks to my friend Rachel Solorio!), and I am borrowing her camera for the summer! Luckily it is a decent camera and I went around and started taking some photographs. 142 more words