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Online Advertisement: Update 2

The source materials I need for my advertisement have been manipulated and drawn in Adobe Photoshop.

There are some images have been employed as bases for my graphics and here is the outcome. 108 more words


Update 9.1

Quick update.

This incoming weeks and months will be one of the most important time to me. A big, new mission.

Final exam. Yeay!

I’m screwed. 80 more words


004. A Quiet Word

Exeter sat down next to Weston and took out his cigarettes, lit one up. Weston turned and stared at him, incredulous.

‘You can’t do that here.’ 502 more words


Update 9.0


I’m so sorry. I truly am. I took a long time to update the blog. Too busy with my life right now. Blame the new semester for most part ot it. 203 more words


Where do I start?!

Now that I finally have a few moments while munchkin warms up at gymnastics I’ll fill you in on the craziness that is life!

So let’s see. 170 more words


Exciting Upcoming Releases - May 2017

There are so many exciting upcoming releases in May of this year, and I just wanted to talk about a few of them! I want to start doing more non-review related posts because I don’t want my blog to be as structured as it has been for awhile. 935 more words




I’m back. Was busy with life, sorry for the delays.
Will upload epubs today and tomorrow.
Enjoy reading light novel epubs again.