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Update and Unboxings

Whew, it’s been approximately 3 weeks since my last blog post, and one day shy of being a month since I posted my summer plans. 878 more words


Traveling Dreams (An Update)

I wrote, awhile back, about how I wanted to go to Japan. It was a dream I had for most of my teenage years, but I had gotten off track from that ’cause life. 205 more words


With the fan on I'm freezing, when the windows are open bugs attack.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such extreme social anxiety. Example, there’s this person who I’ve seen on the bus multiple times, the first time I noticed their boots were absolutely fabulous. 699 more words


My Book is Completed!

After years, of working on this book, I have finally completed the ENTIRE manuscript! Exciting times! Yes, seven chapters, introduction and conclusion, are all completed. And I’m happy with the finished product! 322 more words

money on my mind

(above is a photo of the short-hair version of me that still had ample amount of cash in the bank that helped me with my sleeping problems.) 885 more words

One Chapter Closed and Another Begun

On Saturday the 14th, I graduated from Catholic University with my BA in Classics. It still seems rather surreal. It sank in some when I put my robes on for the first time before Honors Convocation, and it sank in some as I was processing in for Commencement and then as I was getting ready to go across stage and receive my diploma, but other than that, it’s been rather surreal. 171 more words


May Favourites

Hello people, it’s been a pretty long time since I updated anyone on anything!

But now that things are calmer on the school/assignments/work/life war front, it is time for me to start writing more. 456 more words