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Things are moving at last

It’s been a long time since we last posted on the website because there had been nothing to┬áreport. Now, everything seems to be happening at once. 283 more words



Today Colton & Myself, recorded a rather funny skit, video, thing…

Skript: The Guinea Pig

I played the rather Posh waiter, and colton played both customers… 41 more words


The Struggles of Being a Tourist

So I recently went to Barcelona, Spain as a visit over break. I had previously gone about four years ago and conveniently remember nothing about it. 191 more words


Oh Hey.

Yikes, a few more months have slipped by since my last post. A few really tough and emotionally fraught months, when viewed through the lens of sociopolitical upheaval. 175 more words


Updates to the Fan Art Gallery~!

Hey, what’s up, gigabytes? Mimi Minecraft & Gaming here~! ;) :) *smiles happily & waves hello* I just wanted to post a QUICK little update post, because I have… 99 more words

Updates & News

Empire of Storms

The Throne of Glass series returns in a plot unraveling, full with a devastating ending and MUCH MUCH ROMANCE!!!
I feel like Lorcan and Elide have something going on! 142 more words


My Next ECT Treatment

Just to update you from yesterday’s difficulty getting my prescription filled, I did finally get the script. It took about 4 more phone calls. It’s ridiculous that I even have to call them at all. 190 more words