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Venus In Libra | When Love Feels At Home |August 29th - Sept 22nd

Libra moves into its fellow ruler Libra. This is great. You may experience new love interests that fulfil your requirements. For when Venus was in the sign Virgo, despite Jupiter being by its side, still Venus didn’t feel at home. 413 more words


Another update?

​It’s the first thing you do when you’re connected to the Wi-Fi and it’s become a common struggle really. Updating your apps can get pretty annoying sometimes, but it has its purposes. 266 more words

Digital Digest

Summer 2016 Update

When Summer started, I was super excited and super ambitious. I had a whole bunch of projects lined up, and I actually completed them. I spent hours, days, and weeks meticulously documenting and completing my projects. 409 more words


What Are you Doing Up There??

Life as a postdoc researcher is very strange. You don’t get the hand holding you do as a PhD student (well, some PhD students), so I am often quite on my own with my research direction and interests and this post in Sweden is, at the moment, 100% research. 356 more words

Public Engagement

Four Points Buka Hotel Pertamanya di Jakarta

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. bersama PT Thamrin Ekspress Indonesia  mengumumkan pembukaan Four Points Jakarta, Thamrin. Hotel ini menjadi properti Four Points pertama di Jakarta, dan yang keenam di Indonesia. 217 more words


Niantic issues an updated statement on Pokemon GO account bans

Niantic has been working to get rid of the many cheating methods used in Pokemon GO, including bots and other unauthorized activities. Read on below for the official updated statement on Pokemon GO account bans, as provided by Niantic CEO… 265 more words



So this is just a quick li’l update on the Steven Universe cover. I got the song done! It was more difficult than it should’ve been with me being an alto and everything, so just keep that in mind, but I can’t wait to start filming tomorrow!