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Brooklyn Bar Makes Drinking Age 25 Because Young People Are Too Loud and Sloppy

If you plan on drinking at Phil’s Crummy Corner in Brooklyn this weekend, you’ll need to be 25 or older. Basically, the bar’s usual patrons are apparently drunken revelers of the worst degree, as they disturb nearby residents with their late-night howling and hooting and carrying on. 143 more words


Introducing the Carlos Danger Cocktail

The fact that his name was already Anthony Weiner would have been enough, but next we learned that the disgraced former Congressman (and current New York City mayoral candidate) … 247 more words

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Can Your Facebook Profile Get You Into a Bar?

Lemme see your ID — and your Facebook profile.

Sound a bit ridiculous? Hot on the heels of a fracas in the U.S. over potential employers demanding that jobseekers… 320 more words


New York Restaurants Inevitably Cash In on Linsanity

It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Jeremy “Lin-spired” dishes and drinks have made their way onto menus across New York City.

And if this sounds like the perfect meal for you, the first port of call must be the bars surrounding Madison Square Garden, where Lin started the whole sensation. 371 more words

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Big Apple Bar-Hoppers Crawl Their Way Into the Record Books

In some thirst-inducing work, a bunch of New York City drinkers smashed a Guinness World Record last weekend – visiting more pubs in a day than ever previously cataloged. 225 more words

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Tourist Trap: Some New York Hotel Bars Impose Mandatory Tips

Visitors to the Big Apple are learning the hard way. Several of the metropolis’ hottest lodging spots are anything but the ho-tel, mo-tel, Hol-i-day Inn when it comes to their downstairs bars. 124 more words