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Martial Artworks

From 2009-2013 There has been no cheats for this catalog, please choose a differen’t catalog

Catalog Updates

Here are the Dec. 2012 Catalog Cheats

Better Igloos (Furniture Catalog):

Canady Cane in Stocking- Iron Lamp Post

Wall Snowflake- Presents

Holiday Fireplace Chimney- Santa Chair… 30 more words

December 2012 Catolog Cheats

Penguin Style:

Third Page: On the tree on the far right side – Tree Costume

Forth Page: On the door handle – Pink Bunny Slippers… 13 more words

The Journey and December 2012 Updates!

As of December 6, 2012 all rooms in CP have been remodoled! Also a new play “A Humbug Holiday” is now playing at the Stage. Also, It was  rumored that the News Room would come out, but it didn’t :( . 70 more words

Holiday Party 2012 is on its way!

Its December and what happens in December? Yes, Christmas and Club Penguin has just announced there annual Holiday Party for 2012. It will feature New items… 73 more words

Arctic White Colour Conformed

Ina recent post by Polo Field Arctic White will be a new colour! It is conformed to come out before 2013 comes. It will appear during the Holiday Party 2012.

Club Penguin Generation 2; The Journey! Coming Soon

In a recent video from Club Penguin they have said that soon Club Penguin’s rooms will be completly remodoled. At the end of the video really fast there are the remodoled rooms. 47 more words