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Making videos is hard!

Today, I have been working on trying to get a channel ad together to put up on YouTube. The channel ad incase you don’t know, is like the synopsis to your channel- it gives people an idea of what the channel is about and what they can expect. 339 more words


So this is back again...

Whatever. It’s been awhile. Haven’t been in the mod to make videos or write fanfics, got into an RP forum on FF.net and various other things. 222 more words


POPART Project Complete!

POPART is now all finished and available to view now.  A total of 50 pieces of familiar faces from different times of popular culture, I culminated this project with a work of none other than one of the eccentric fathers of pop art, Andy Warhol.


randall 'Jay' andrews Editing Services

randall ‘Jay’ andrews, Founder of FB Critique Group Writers World, offers professional editing of your manuscript. Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Scripts.

Discover how thirty years of experience, will make your book stand out from the rest! 8 more words


It is the job of a free and unencumbered press to hold government, authority and institutions of power and influence to account, not be passive mouthpieces fit only for propaganda and distraction.


Investigative reporting and journalism that seeks out the truth is a noble and necessary undertaking for a fully functioning society. Alas the business of news has rendered it all but obsolete.


Doubting Capital is the new blasphemy.