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Braided With A Twist

Braids are being seen more and more these days. Whether you’re at the beach, the office or even just day drinking outside, a braid is the most perfect way of making it look like you tried hard (when you really didn’t at all). 255 more words

Party Hair by Daniel Hersheson

The only pampering I go to get done regularly are nails and hair removal. ‘Cause I sleep on my freshly painted, bleeding cuticles and wake up to more polish stuck to the side of my face and in my hair than on my nails. 239 more words


Updo those Oldies

With this I used a wood grain tool. Cheap few dollar tool from Home Depot, I believe. I did a coat of white, then quickly wood grained over it, with a rocking motion. 21 more words


Mini portfolio plait/braid hair updo's! 

Last night we had a training night and each had a model so I was in my element as I got a model with lovely long and thick hair so the possibilitys were endless! 102 more words


The Beaded Bun!

I just loved the twists and turns of this effortless (well…kind of) bun! I had to start and reconstruct it several times, but finally got it exactly where I wanted.  48 more words

The Wedding Issue

As promised long ago, this is the post that will detail the way that I chose to do my hair for my wedding. The fabulous… 810 more words