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117. Dean Lane (3)

On previous occasions when I have tried to photograph this Andy Council whale, there have been vehicles parked, on the grass, right up to it. I finally got a clear shot at it during a recent walk to Bedminster. 45 more words


85. North Street, No. 74

This striking portrait was sprayed by N4T4 during the Upfest 2015 festival. N4T4 is an artist and illustrator from Nuneaton in the UK.

In the artist’s own words: 83 more words


81. North Street hoarding (2)

I photographed this lovely Sepr work at the end of July this year, shortly after Upfest 2015. I particularly like this mural, probably because I rather like most of Sepr’s work. 28 more words


Whoam Irony. London, England. Graffiti Artist.

Whoam Irony is London-based.

Website: http://ironyart.co.uk/

For those of you who like to click, click here.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/whoamirony/?hl=en

For those of you who like to click, click… 73 more words

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End of the Summer 

Last week E had her endometrial scratch. That procedure marked the start of our next cycle of IVF.

We’ve kind of dragged our heels the last few months regarding starting this new cycle, because we’ve had such a lovely Summer. 121 more words


46. Greville Road

Jodi, who painted this mural, lives in Brislington, Bristol. He is a direct contemporary of Banksy, and started as a graffiti artist in 1987 at the age of 15 at the Barton Hill Youth Club. 98 more words


42. North Street, Aldi car park

During this year’s Upfest 2015, arguably the premium wall was handed to Argentinian artist Martin Ron. This enormous mural is a picture of his girlfriend, her torso emerging from what looks like a tablecloth. 82 more words