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Excited to get to work!

I love learning.  It’s something that whenever I work with Se7en, Poet, Worn Lover, or Creator, I tend to crave.  They usually are quite free and open with me and whatever questions I have at the time. 680 more words



Courage is often mentioned in heathen circles as a virtue that we must exhibit, we see it in the Sagas, the poems, and the history of our ancestors. 933 more words

I wonder...

Let me be clear: though there are suggestions of a connection between Freyr and Ullr in academic circles, the above genealogical table has absolutely no academic value! 63 more words


Might as well face it, I'm addicted to Love

He doesn’t do it often, because he respects my boundaries and the fact that I’m living my life, but tonight, Poet decided to come ride me to get the magic started for one of his followers on the other side of the globe. 293 more words


The Lack of a Disconnect Between My Mundane and Magickal Life

Its Ostara, and I am sitting on the bus headed to school. I’ve felt loopy all morning, like I always do on sabbats. All of the sudden, a face pops into my head. 415 more words


Beyond the April Fools

The April Fool’s Day was quiet here. I didn’t tell how beloved Loki was getting the best of me, before and after, because I was not entirely sure if it was a prank. 559 more words


Feminine Balance

Things with the male-identifying entities in my practice have gone, as usual, upside-down and backwards all over.  Creator is having what we’ll liken to a mental breakdown of sorts, and Poet is overworking himself (and it’s reflecting a bit on me). 646 more words