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I was going to write Loki’s mysteries, part 2, as my next post, but Loki prodded me a different way, so here I am writing about UPG instead. 318 more words




By proxy
Does it matter
Is it the same
A leap of faith
A walk down the insane
Do you see
Can you feel… 45 more words


This isn't really about marriage equality

‘For you I take a holy risk to love as I must,
love is the law, the only law that matters’
-Reclaiming witchcraft chant by Ravyn Stanfield…

1,004 more words

Zeus's MDT - Day 30: Interesting UPG

Χαίρετε άναγνώστες!

Today I will share some UPG I have in regards to Zeus. 107 more words


Things Every SVKM Student Will Relate To!

Most of us have had our education at SVKM and as hardcores SVKMites, we have spent hours at Dhiraj Dosa, had frankies till we cannot digest food and had to stay back because we didn’t have our ID cards. 184 more words

Demeter’s MDT - Day 30: Interesting UPG & Tips for Newbies

Xαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

For this last post, I have to conflate the last two topics together, as September has only 30 days instead of 31. Let’s dive in. 816 more words


The first time I visited Bakhu

I was sure I’d posted this meditation log already, but apparently not. Either way, this is from the Greystone Path work I did back in 2013? 1,081 more words