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Lord of Flies, Spiders, and Souls: An Update on Beelzebub

Enter Beelzebub’s palace, and you will think you have stumbled into the Malmo quarters of Ikea in Sweden, white everything, minimalist and universal design, not a napkin or white lily out of place.  813 more words


There are two kinds of people expressing thoughts about UPG in the Lokean forums lately:

One side believes in it, and believes it should be shared, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of humble-bragging going on. 1,215 more words


I'm a Fussy Jerk about UPG

By and large, I prefer combing through academia for information I can use in my practice, rather than consulting coreligionists.

There was someone I knew in my earlier Heathen days who made huge logical leaps from incredibly sparse information. 910 more words


Contemporary Polytheist Theology: Does Geography Curtail the Gods' "Outreach"?

It’s not often that I begin my day composing a Facebook post asking for pensive responses to a theological question of mine, but that’s how my morning started. 2,603 more words


Putting the "P" Back In UPG

Amongst some circles of polytheists, the term UPG (Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis, for those just joining the party) has long been a dirty word, particularly for those with a more reconstructionist bent.  1,119 more words


Who's the God of TV and Film? A Hermes Interview

Hey all! So after much debate and thinking, I’ve decided to publish this. With lots of disclaimers, of course:

This is Unverified Personal Gnosis, otherwise known as UPG. 764 more words