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Embarrassment and the urban panopticon

It’s hard to be your witchy self when you’re always being watched.

I live deep in the suburbs, and while I appreciate the convenience of having useful amenities within walking distance, I can never truly relax surrounded by so many people. 659 more words

UPG 71712 12 V Selectable Charger with 50A Boost

UPG 12 V Selectable Charger with 50A Boost is designed for safe, professional and rapid charging. It safely charges lead-acid batteries and provides DC regulated output current for maximum as well as safe charging. 20 more words

Persephone and Hades

As I had informed ya’ll previously (here), I released into the world an excerpt from a UPG piece I was working on. Well, without further ado, I present to you  92 more words


Crom Cruach: The Dark God of the Burial Mound. — Unchaining The Titan. *Reblog*

Yeah…just gonna leave this here…

A better man than I has said elsewhere: “Crom is my god…Crom is the god I need because he is the opposite of the interventionist gods who care about the petty details of men’s lives.

37 more words
UPG And Inspiration

Nothing Stays The Same

So it seems Poseidon IS here for His half of the year. It just so happens He decided to rip off the Poseidon face and use the Rudra/Shiva one instead. 17 more words

UPG And Inspiration

Necromancy and the Queens of Death

Red Death is for the living. Green Death is for the already gone. White Death is for us all.

Death is a heady subject among pagans. 803 more words

International Day for the Unreached


International (MNN) – The opportunities and ways we share the Gospel are constantly growing and changing. Take the refugee crisis, for instance. 805 more words

Prayer Uproar