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Faery Travel Tips, Installment the First

I’ve gotten wind that some peeps are wanting to have a looksee at Fomóraíge Faery (writ Faery from here on to make my life easier). I’ve been interacting with the citizens of Faery since 2012, but have only formally journeyed there since the end of June, 2014. 421 more words

Heartcleft road – Gna’s Story part 11

Heartcleft Road Chapter 11 – A Great Hitch –

I was still pacing when I heard her steps. I turned and saw Grisella in the doorway, hands clasped and looking down. 3,184 more words


“You’re wondering why I’m always around you, don’t you? It’s quite simple: I’m the protector of the Holy Fire, like the greek Prometheus, and you are that fire, life itself” 40 more words



Ogni cosa, dal momento della sua nascita alla morte, ha il dovere di cambiare, mutare e rigenerarsi. Questo è il senso della morte e questo è ciò che Loki rappresenta. 410 more words


Starting with the End in Mind: 4 Ways to Clarify Your Vision

In 2017 we’ll be celebrating 10 years of serving overseas as cross cultural Kingdom workers…that’s insane! When people hear that they often ask how much longer do we plan to stay overseas. 1,015 more words



Voglio postare qui una mia antichissima riflessione su un forum nei riguardi di Loki Laufeyjarson. E’ piuttosto vecchia e spesso fa riferimenti ad altri post sul forum dove la pubblicai in principio. 2,334 more words


Sweet Memories

Following event is noted in one of my first posts on this blog. Back then I wrapped it up to only one sentence.
What happened meant a lot to me. 446 more words