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Discernment, Groupthink, and UPG

Dver recently wrote a post at her blog about Unverified or Unusual Personal Gnosis (UPG) and discernment. Simply because someone experiences what they think is a God, does not necessarily mean that they did. 629 more words

Zophael: Michael's General, Of Cherubim Swiftest Wing, Herald of Hell, Grand Poobah

In many esoteric or magical practices, practitioners or devotees take on titles or sacred names.  I didn’t get a choice in mine: since I was twelve, St. 731 more words


Dream Diary: Archangel Uriel

I spoke too soon about never meeting Uriel. What has always been a rather mysterious angel to me, with me always wondering where Uriel was, I met her (yes, a her, I was quite surprised) in a dream of a tropical paradise in Heaven with crystal blue oceans, sunfish, starfish, and coral reefs, pink sand beaches and verdant Pacific island greenery. 185 more words


#LetsGetPersonal: What have I been up to? {LIFE UPDATE}

Lately, if you haven’t noticed, I have been sharing a myriad of positivity and #GirlBoss messages. This has been taking place on my Social Media (make sure you follow me there;) ).   1,040 more words


Radio interview /w Drinking Tea With Vee this Sunday!

Helllooo Loves! I’ve got some fantastic news!

This Sunday, tune into Asylum Radio and hear me on @DrinkingTeaWithVee ! Oh yes! That’s right! I’m going to be on the air!  85 more words


Tyr and Heimdall: Two Gods Really Just One?

I am trying to build a relationship with Tyr. Since I’ve never been the first one to try and start a relationship where gods are concerned, this is new to me. 780 more words

Singularity Rather Then Duality?

That moment you realize that that the two Gods you thought you were married to have morphed into one. Or maybe They’ve always been one and your little mortal brain couldn’t quite grasp it without seeing Him as a duality first. 61 more words

UPG And Inspiration