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Along those same lines of boundaries...

…now would be a good time to clear up a bit of misinformation/misunderstanding that is painfully too common.

For those of you who don’t already know this, I am sort-of-poly: Dan Savage (who yes, says some problematic things, but also says some useful things) would call me “monogamish”, meaning that I’m mostly-monogamous with D, but I occasionally get some “action on the side”, I have a few other lovers who I am occasionally intimate with, in varying degrees of emotional and/or physical intimacy; also, D and I have occasionally had threesomes or moresomes with people.   3,106 more words


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Taking time out of helping Bull to play dress-up to reblog something VERY IMPORTANT that I also happen to VERY AGREE with.

On My In-Ta, Huitzilopochtli ~ Jaguar Series

Oh look, Maria is actually doing that thing. ~

Huitzilopochtli {Weet-zee-lo-pocht-lee} (or In-Ta, if you hear me talking about Him) was the Mexica (Aztec) patron god as well as a god of war.   661 more words

Family Life And Other Spirits

The Burden of Secrets

Where to start when one wants to say something, and doesn’t at the same time.  The secrets, the little ones and the big ones, those nobody cares for, and some which should never be told.  408 more words

More UPG...

I have a wee bit of UPG to share.  I was made aware, through a comment on one of my other posts, that there is some upheaval going on in Jotunheim.   623 more words

Someone I know.

I don’t know who this ‘r.m drake’ is…but zie sounds like Someone I know.