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Ladies of the Fourth Branch: Goewin

CW: Rape. It’s fairly light in the “Goewin in the Fourth Branch” section, but much more graphic in the “Beyond the Text” section. Reader discretion is advised.  3,716 more words


Surtr personal gnosis

This post is a place for me to collect some of my personal gnosis regarding Surtr.

Name: Surtr

Name meaning: name translates to ‘black’ typical name of individuals with darker than average skin, especially common to slaves. 136 more words


Spiritual Verification? UPG To Lore!


The purpose of this article is to create a fundamental spiritual system for verifying spiritual knowledge, so one can know if a UPG is authentic, and reliable enough to become a VPG, and maybe even a part of the lore. 5,747 more words

Wolf Of Antimony

Month for Loki, Seventh: Crafting, connections and correspondences.

One of the first ways that Loki came to me was through colors.

I find crafting jewelry to be relaxing, so began making ankle bracelets for myself, and dedicating both the act of making the item and then, item itself to Him.   502 more words


The Birth of UPG

Decided to take the advice of a friend (regarding my current deity quandary), and make a special offering to Frige. After all, as associated as She is with Divine Queenship, She’s gotta be familiar with the whole divorce thing? 240 more words

Seasonal Things

30 Days of Sobek: Day 29 - Interesting or Unusual Sobek UPG

I feel like I’ve written so much about my UPG already, both in this series and on my blog in general, so I don’t really know where to start in terms of anything interesting or unusual to share about Sobek that I haven’t written about already. 362 more words

Balor and The Very Hot Solstice of 2017

I love the Irish myth of Lugh’s slingshot victory over Balor of the Evil Eye, at the (second) battle of the gods at Moytura. I once told their story with home-made puppets as part of an OBOD grove ceremony. 431 more words