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Thinky Thoughts - Mormon Edition

I would rather be punished by God at the end of days for treating others with kindness and accepting that love is love, than win an eternity by being a judgemental asshat.

UPG And Inspiration

The Mothers' flower

A few years ago, I went to a suicide prevention training at my workplace — as a large university, we have a wide set of support services for both students and staff, which is really wonderful. 643 more words

A Gift for the Storm-Lord

I’ve been meaning to get something in the jewellery department made for Indech for some time. He’s not particularly a covetous Gent except for when he sees horses he thinks can improve his herds. 614 more words

The Otherworlds

Would you search me out...

An gcuirfea fios orm / Would you search me out
Am mbeadh aithne gat orm / Would you recognize me
M’uisci, croi gach crann / My waters, the heart of every tree… 92 more words

The Otherworlds

State of the World / The Task Remaining | GFM

Who in the world needs missions most?

Churches and aspiring missionaries want to make a difference among the nations. But who in the world needs the most outreach right now? 32 more words


One Year

Just posting a little sumthin’ for Indech Mór, Son of Domnu, Troll King of Fomóraíge Faery. It’s our 1 year anniversary, dontcha know.

What a year, eh, Storm Lord?

The Otherworlds

What is a UPG? | GFM

What is an unreached people group? Glad you asked!

There is a lot of discussion out there about unreached people groups, or UPGs. Many Christians still don’t quite understand them, often because many of us have never really spent much time among UPGs. 34 more words