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I made the news!

Hello Folks!

So, this week I made the news, not here in the Netherlands, but back home, in the Caribbean, where I’m from. Remember? I’m an island girl. 171 more words


So this thing happened

My Lady Saraswati woke me up with a kiss yesterday morning. It wasn’t a romantic fairytale kiss, waking me up from my deep enchanted slumber. Instead, it was rather like my old grey cat pawing at my nose to be fed. 46 more words


My Samhain

The first  thing I should say is that I’d really like to find a better name for this than Samhain in the future. I like the wheel of the year, but I feel as though the obviously celtic name and the perennial “It’s not a real high day” that seems to crop up in Pagan social media each year just dampen my enthusiasm, as much as I love the idea of a high day honoring the ancestors and — now, as you’ll read below — their queen. 517 more words


Cosmos heart the Angel makes me:
he reaches into infinity with dripping
starlight hands, shapes lithe limbs
and Mother of Life curves, nebula
veins and a pulsing solar heart – 81 more words


31 Days of Devotion, day 30

Do you have any interesting or unusual UPG to share?

“UPG”, in case you were wondering, is not a defunct television network, but rather a shorthand in polytheist circles for “unverified personal gnosis”. 530 more words

Brothers of Lily and Rose

My spiritual life is like a woman balancing a scale, or perhaps walking across a tightrope, torn between two opposing forces that both want her to fall into the netting over their heads and catch her evening prayers.   377 more words


Discernment, Groupthink, and UPG

Dver recently wrote a post at her blog about Unverified or Unusual Personal Gnosis (UPG) and discernment. Simply because someone experiences what they think is a God, does not necessarily mean that they did. 629 more words