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A task and an answer

During the last Full Moon, after working with some fine ladies to call Brigid and in a moment of quiet meditation, I was given a task. 640 more words


Loki the Storyteller

He is a witch-pyre inferno, crackling green flames,
rich as loam, feels like home, his skin like sage,
god of outcasts and wanderers, home in the stars, 60 more words



I would die for you – I already have a billion times
bleeding out in my guardian’s arms after taking
a sword through the heart, my body is full of sabers, 256 more words


Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley has been making a regular appearance in my online travels. This bit of info jumped out at me for obvious reasons. 62 more words

UPG And Inspiration

Hail To The Winter Sun (Massive UPG Warning)

It’s almost midwinter, so I want to talk about Grian.

Which is hard, because everything I wanna talk about is extremely UPG. We know very little about Grian… 871 more words

The Devil is a Loser and He's My Bitch, Or Maybe I'm His?

Mood: Bitter, but amused.

One of my favorite bands is Lordi.  They have a song called “The Devil is a Loser,” and they scream in monster masks “The Devil is a loser and he’s my bitch!” and oftentimes I find myself humming along to it when Samael’s trolling is particularly intense.   1,677 more words