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Altered states, and defenestrating Cartesian dualism

I had a pretty unhappy youth.
Was this really all there was to reality? When it wasn’t busy being traumatizing, it was agonizingly dull.
For more insight into what this was like, I recommend giving a… 671 more words

Mother Taiga - Carmen Rizzo & Huun Huur Tu

Since Seb posted a song he associates with holytides, especially Lammas, I’ll bite and post this:

The lyrics might not give you any clue as to why this song is sacred to me but here they are: 60 more words


Why I don't work with dead babies

Skinning, dressing or otherwise prepping a once-living being is an intimate procedure. The body is not decontextualized, wrapped in plastic and lit with fluorescent lighting like the most common experience of meat in urban areas. 628 more words


Let’s talk a little about discernment.



  1. the ability to judge well

This past week has been an eye opener. It started off by realising I had left an offering of coffee on Loki’s altar for a few days. 386 more words

Face Claims of the Gods

So… face claims of the gods. I don’t think that I’ve ever put a whole lot of effort into thinking about what the gods look like – any of them – ever. 674 more words


On trusting yourself-featuring Fox and Coyote

I’m very prone to self-doubt; a self doubt beyond a healthy skepticism and desire to keep ego in check, at that.

To me, Fox is illusive, the secret keeper, the shadow trickster, hunter and prey. 560 more words

Loki's altar

This is more or less the current phase of His altar. I am doing more work outside that I dedicate to Him, so I felt less is needed indoors. 96 more words