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Like Two Swans

” You are the moon and milk and pearl
You are sky and sea and soil
You are food and drink and breath…

-Elada mac Delbaed and Elerah, 2014… 1,652 more words


Who Mends the Broken With Gold

In my previous post, i gave names to some of the facets of Loki that i’ve gotten to know in the couple of years since i first found myself up to my eyeballs in Norse Trickster. 684 more words

On the Slavic Pantheon - Real and Imagined

Sometimes I feel like a terrible Slavic polytheist.

See there’s these long lists of “Slavic” deities that are constantly cited (Wikipedia gives a good cross section, … 455 more words

Slavic Mythology

A Month for Loki: Adorations

I’ve been terribly negligent of my blog the past few months, and this seemed like a good time (and a good way) to resurrect it: by taking up July as a month for Loki, as many others who honour Him are doing. 360 more words

Beth Spins Indech and Myself a Cord

A while back now my god-husband Indech and I commissioned Beth whose shop is FiberWytch on Etsy to spin one of her ritual cords for us. 1,105 more words

The Fomorians


On Thursday I discovered Volundr, good of smithing, and labour. Thursday night I sat outside and spoke to Volundr. I explained our situation. I told him that my husband hadn’t been working and that in our modern world, not having a steady paycheck coming in is a terrible hardship. 86 more words


Offerings and UPG in action

So after doing a bit of research, I started making offerings of strawberry vodka to Hermes. Lore says strawberries are significant to him, so why not?   69 more words

It's Personal