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Historic mosque reopens after $1.46m revamp

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Congregants at the Haji Muhammad Salleh Mosque can enjoy greater accessibility and comfort, following the completion of upgrading works to its facilities and main prayer spaces. 288 more words

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Haji Muhammad Salleh Mosque reopens after $1.46m revamp

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – Congregants who visit the Haji Muhammad Salleh Mosque will now enjoy greater accessibility and comfort, as the upgrading works to its facilities and main prayer spaces have been completed. 291 more words

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Sitecore Express Migration Tool 2.0 skipping Security and Configuration steps

I recently got to know this wonderful tool when upgrading an old Sitecore version. The tool itself allows you to migrate any Sitecore 6.6 or Sitecore 7.2 versions to Sitecore 8.2. 209 more words


Console Gaming's Future: Could Consoles Go Modular?

Last week, we talked to you about how the president & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) America stated that we wouldn’t see a PS5 for “some time” 773 more words


The Smarter The House

The past couple of days I have been obsessed with making my house smarter. I have researched this for the past few weeks and decided on a few products that I wanted. 173 more words

New Camera Body or Lens?

You may have heard the old adage that it is better to upgrade your lenses than your camera body. If you ask the question on any photography forum which you should upgrade first, you will no doubt receive an overwhelming response that you should “invest” in lenses because they will give you the maximum increase in image quality and hold their value better to boot. 1,004 more words


Consider upgrading skills online

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In the report on the closure of Byte Academy Singapore (Byte Academy closes its doors in Singapore; ST Online, June 14), it was mentioned that a course was cut short, as the instructor had to return to the United States. 168 more words

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