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Easy View of Buildings!

Do you struggle finding the right building to upgrade, or maybe you aren’t sure how many level 10 and 11 archer towers you have?

As you progress through the game and build more buildings and defenses, your map can quickly become cluttered. 101 more words

Clash Of Clans

CRM 2015: Organization import stops because of JavaScript errors? Check out this workaround!

When you’re importing your organization, you might find that your import process comes to a dead stop because the verification found JavaScript code that is not compatible with CRM 2015. 227 more words

Crm 2015

A rhyme of reason when applying Sitecore upgrades

Today I was going to upgrade a couple of Sitecore environments from 7.5 rel 141003 (initial release) to 7.5 rel 150212 (update 2). A fairly simple upgrade with some fixed issues and some improved analytics performance. 325 more words


Flash cwm in any MTK device

Every smartphone user wants to have the best performance out of their gadgets. These includes the possibility of customization, upgrading their smartphones to the latest android versions, having the capabilities to easily backup their entire operating systems, easy wipe of data, cache, dalvik cache, improved battery life and much more. 208 more words


Back up all your data from your android device to your pc

Data loss is a problem faced by most android users. This might occur due to unfortunate deletion of your data, complete wiping of data or factory reset, corruption by a virus and much more. 221 more words


Upgrading your Windows 7 to Windows 8.1

Recently we’ve had a couple of people asking us to help them with upgrading their Windows 7 OS to Windows 8.1.  Here’s a full step-by-step tutorial, courtesy of Microsoft’s support site, just so that you don’t have to dig through their message boards. 2,711 more words