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A Stack of GPU's

I got a nice deal on a couple of GPU’s and told my gaming friends about it. We’re currently in the process of upgrading our systems and since it is currently still sometimes difficult to get the GPU’s you want due to the cryptocurrency mining craze still going on, and since these cards run regularly out of stock, we put money together to strike when the chance is there. 158 more words

This And That

Thoughts on upgrading to a better camera.     

In the previous era of film cameras many serious photographers would come to a point when they would consider whether to upgrade from an automated point and shoot type camera to a 35mm interchangeable lens SLR or to trade in the their well used 35mm SLR for a medium format 120mm camera, and maybe even to take the climb to a 4X5 view camera. 578 more words


The older version of cis-upgrade-runner cannot be removed when upgrade vCenter Server 6.0

When you upgrade or patch vCenter Server 6.0 for Windows, you may see following symptoms:

“The older version of cis-upgrade-runner cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.”

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The most important investment you will ever make, Read On!!!

When you start investing in yourself, by learning, paying for your training or getting a mentor or a coach, this puts you in a place of self-belief and builds confidence in your own abilities. 281 more words


IMac Pro's RAM Can Only Be Upgraded by Apple or Authorized Service Provider

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

There is no rear hatch because the RAM in the iMac Pro is not user upgradeable following purchase, but there’s good news — an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider is able to open up the iMac Pro and swap out the RAM. 401 more words


How Do I Go .com?

After blogging for 5 years and developing this site and The Blog Broad, I really want to go .com. Limited resources have prevented me from doing so thus far but I’m hoping I can do that soon. 351 more words


When does a camera stop being a great camera?

It’s a funny question, and one that gets right to the heart of the gear acquisition syndrome that so many photographers exhibit (myself included).

‘At what point does the camera I have stop being the best camera I have ever had, and need to be replaced?’

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