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Windows 10's Upgrading Tricks Have Gotten More Insidious

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In the next few years, Microsoft wants Windows 10 running on a billion devices. One way it’s making sure that happens is by tricking users into upgrading in shady ways. 645 more words


Is It Time To Get A Smartphone?

This is a question that so many people have asked me over the years. They show reservations because they like how their old phones operate, and they are worried about new technologies. 509 more words

Tech Talk

School Scholarship Fund..Reema Foundation?

Ya boy is starting a school scholarship fund. I’ve said millions of times already that game is NOT just about dating and relationships. It’s about all areas of your life. 345 more words


These are the 10 best gadgets under $100

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What’s more pleasurable than upgrading an old, ailing piece of technology with something fresh and new? Or improving your life with a kind of gadget you’ve never before owned? 41 more words


Penataran Wasit Juri Wushu Nasional 2016

Penataran wasit juri wushu nasional 2016

Sudah hampir 12 tahun lebih aku menggeluti dunia wushu. Yang aku ingat, pertama kali aku resmi ikut berlatih adalah pada tahun 2003. 796 more words

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Convert from cast/4 to cast/3

In the change from Ecto 1.x to Ecto 2.0 it is desirable (although not yet mandatory) to change cast from required and optional parameters to a simple atom list of those fields we are interested in populating the changeset with. 226 more words

Ecto 2.0

New goodies

Apologies for the weird media mosaic above but I’ve only just realised wordpress lets you do strange things with your photos. Circles, anyone?


I had a bit of an exciting few weeks on Trade Me, New Zealand’s online trading site. 714 more words