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Woman Extraordinaire - A Poem

It’s not the size of my dress, but what fills my brain

It’s not the diet I am on, but the food for my soul… 365 more words


We're Single! Deal with it!

I was asked recently by an equally single person: “You are a very attractive woman. Why are you still without a man? What is the problem with you not having someone yet?” 510 more words

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Slut-shaming: Has he done this to YOU?

I was out on a date. After 10 minutes of idle chatter and a respectably cooled coffee cup, I was asked, “So when last did you have sex?” I was taken aback by the directness and offensiveness of his question. 1,019 more words

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Get it RIGHT!

Exposing the stereotypes


Rape is NOT an act of uncontrollable sexual desire. Rape is an act of VIOLENCE, CONTROL and POWER perpetrated and exacted against women. 449 more words

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Walk Away

“We don’t fight

All the time, you know

Most of it really is

Just quite fine


But he doesn’t like me

Talking back

And if I do? 433 more words



I ran against the Race of Time

Stumbling, enduring

Wore the Mask

Hid the craters

Of Life



Now searching my Face

In the Mirror… 211 more words

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Fears as The Blocks that Dumb Us Down...Facing, Processing, Mastering

Fears As The Blocks that Dumb Us Down…Facing, Processing, Mastering.

Core spirituality, my personal journey

Why face fear with intention?

When I look away, and stay in denial I am withholding something as a form of awareness that is mine to own and to be transformed. 8,102 more words