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How to live your bliss...

I have to keep living my bliss. Its the only way forward. Tonight I’m camping on the beach in Winema. I had to trust my gut and The feeling of fire in my heart; confirmation. 758 more words

The Council: Eclipse And Your Collective Field

The Council: Eclipse And Your Collective Field

In “three” days, there will be a total solar eclipse, the path of which will pass across the whole of the 48 contiguous states on the North American continent. 603 more words


A few nights ago I attended a Mariah Carey/Lionel Ritchie concert. We were seated in a section of the arena with a good view of the stage and the whole time I was watching Mariah Carey perform, I felt a sense of sadness because I never got to see Whitney Houston (my all-time favorite artist) in concert. 664 more words


Not In Vain, Part 2

Become wiser through the pain.

Become better through your mistakes.

Become much stronger after your loss.

Grow taller after massive failure.

After all, when you hit the bottom, the only way is up. 197 more words


Put your Mind to God and Hands to Work

Life is all about balance. When it comes to balance you have to consider both the world, physical world as well as the subtle world. The physical world is the world where we exist. 987 more words


Dear Me:

Would you at least try trying to try this crazy thing called life even if it means being bizarre in thought and emotion?

I mean, you are going to do it for quite some time so do you not think that you got to get a few things right? 117 more words