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Public Administration Professional Interview

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Hi Sanjay! Thanks for speaking with us. We are excited to learn about your role as the India Country Director of the Harvard South Asia Institute and your professional journey so far. 1,079 more words

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Live Your Greatness

A reminder to myself…
The beginning of life is heralded with a cry and the end of life marked with a sigh.
As if to prove our inherent inalienable equality, the cry at the beginning is one of pain, dread, fear. 201 more words


Running 4 Shoes

Some people run for their partners, some people run so that they can tell every single person they meet about it, others run for shiggles (Shits & Giggles), some come from a running family, others run just to run, while some are out there running barefoot and not telling anyone about it. 325 more words

35 and Loving It!

Hello 35…Time sure does fly! I can’t believe that I’m 35 years old already even though I don’t feel a day over 21! With that said, I’m not opposed to aging and I reject the belief that it’s just a number. 1,342 more words


Ups and Downs

Highs and lows.

Peaks and troughs.

Ebbs and flows.

Mountains and valleys.

Happiness and sadness.

Ups and downs.

Oh what a rocky road! But, I will not fall; 14 more words


That Place Called "Stuck"

Lord, I am stuck. I can’t seem to move. I can’t seem to transcend this place of failure or mediocrity, this place of stagnation or pause. 190 more words