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Haiku #87 - Earth Day


Green limbs spread like wings

raising up the eyes of earth

till we learn to fly.


(c) 2016  Betty Hayes Albright


These little things! ♥

Okay, so i have been a little dormant on my blog. The reason being my final exams. Sorry for the inactivity guys! ♥

So, you might be expecting this post to be about all magical things and darkness and beauty of the night and what not. 104 more words


Builders of thoughts don't need to be technicians of grammar.


Allahumma inni as’aluka ‘Ilman naafi’an
O Allah! I ask You for knowledge that is of benefit

Millions of thoughts cross through all of our minds but due to a weak grasp over language skills we often shy away from expressing our innermost thoughts & feelings. 144 more words

Islamic Inspiration

Uplift the Community, Not Just the Buildings.

The street is quiet, with noise filtering in from the neighbouring streets. “Move your car from in front of my house”, a resident shouted from the inside of her home. 811 more words

Permission to let go... core spirituality, my personal journey

Permission to let go… core spirituality, my personal journey

Moving on, progress, release, freedom … all arise from a simply action of permission.

Permission to let go does not have to come from outside us. 3,085 more words

Inspirational Writing

A wrecked plant: Was she?

“She is so beautiful!” exclaimed her followers on Instagram as she passed by them without glancing.
She was supposedly the perfect girl in town. The girl with perfect features, perfect body, perfect complexion, perfect clothes and what-not-perfect. 209 more words


The Momentum Behind Collective Thought...core spirituality, my personal journey

Portrait of humaity an image taken in Hawaii

The Momentum Behind Collective Thought… Directions of humanity…. core spirituality,my personal journey

The momentum behind human collective thought is you and me. 2,463 more words