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Love intensely

This week I reflected on the twisted ideology that society has adopted of a mass following validating the importance of an individual. It’s painful to hear how so many people… 166 more words


Happy New Year - Happy New You!

Happy New Year.

Welcome to the other side. Welcome to the newness. Welcome to a new beginning, a new day—a day full of opportunities to do better and to be better. 382 more words


Be better

As humans we have a tendency to confuse the difference between making healthy connections and clinging onto the energy of others. Often people lean too much on others and become bitter when their… 204 more words


For You

Call me out on my insecurities,

and I will palpate bouquets out of the gashes

on my skin,

you can wish upon the dandelions that emerge… 107 more words



Let me start off by saying:

You were created to move mountains and not to bare their weight.

We talk about “letting go” so often that the concept has become cliché. 407 more words


What do you do when things aren't working out?

Here’s a question to start out the second last week of the year: “What do you do when things aren’t working out?”

For most of us, our answers might include ranting and raving, blowing off steam, crying and whining, complaining to everyone who is willing to listen … and if all of that does not work… 52 more words


Be Failure Fearless

Understand this: both failure and success are positive elements which allow for the accomplishment of big dreams, execution of goals and self-development to occur, you just need to see them as that and allow the growth to happen. 423 more words