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Do more; go the extra mile.

When one is talented at something, it is easy to put in half the effort and still be good at it.

Today I want to share about the importance of giving and doing your best, regardless of how good you are at something. 263 more words



A common word that we frequently hear in our life.It’s well known how much power these four letters excert in ourself.Mr. Fate act as a link towards our destiny. 430 more words


My Love Letter to Farrah-arrah-rowr

I love a good random blog entry title.

So writers block is a thing. Who knew? And I’m not even a real writer. Crazy stuff. 1,413 more words


Valerie Donner “Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: ‘All is Moving Forward'”

Kauilapele shared this over on his blog, but I decided to post it in full here.  This is in line with the messages I hear coming from many places: Montague Keen, Alba Weinman’s clients, my own inner experiences, and in all the surface news (3D-level events) like this person being outed, that person being held to account. 514 more words


Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. We have the tendency to expect ourselves to be absolutely perfect, absolutely consistent, and absolutely in control, but we cannot control all the variables in our lives. 279 more words


Just Be.

When I was home for the December holiday, my little brother and I had the most intense conversation about life in general. I remember us talking about expressing emotions; and myself saying to him “but men don’t feel as deeply as women do” , at which point he replied (in disbelief; might I add) “Ine, men feel deeply about things too. 323 more words


Alba Weinman Session 208, The Transition of Gaia and Using Light Language for Transmutation

“As we go through our lives, we bring in more of what we are in connection with the One that is All.”

Lots of good pointers out there for people who are at this point of their journey. 

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