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Love Is Not...

I sincerely thought majority of the world was on the same page in relation to domestic violence. I thought we could hand pick the nations that would openly defend it. 570 more words

Say.This.Every.Single.Day :-)

Let’s expect good things people!
In every single area of our lives we can expect God to show up for us … it’s a fact :-)


Patience and it's rewards

Once we embark on the journey using patience as our vessel and daily situations as the scenery along the journey, we will begin to realize that life is ever changing and no situation lasts forever. 70 more words


The Gospel of the Lord

Are you building a relationship with God or just reading/listening to scripture without truly paying attention? It’s an interesting question for sure and one that only you can answer. 42 more words



Your words are arrows. It can pierce through hearts.💘

But what kind of arrows do you want your words to be?

Words of encouragement help those around you. 56 more words


  • If we were all to exercise patience in our daily undertakings, whether it be towards a situation or a fellow being, then surely the universal energies would be that of peace, love and abundance…
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