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Grace is all I need

I cannot change anything, but myself and I cannot force anyone. I accept it and surrender to you, Lord. I trust you and have faith in you. 32 more words

Heartstrings: 03.18.15

Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love,
which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing.
~ Rumi

Oh my heart is so full when I see this photo.  197 more words


Soul Sunday: Sticks and stones ...

“One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” 265 more words

Daily Living Tips

Encircled in His Gentle Arms

“This achingly beautiful painting depicts the Savior kneeling in the Garden of Gethsemane. As He prays, an angel stands next to Him, enfolding Him in gentle arms, offering comfort, heavenly succor, and support. 433 more words


viSNu sahasranAma: (8) : The best dharma

एषः  मे सर्व धर्माणाम्  धर्मः अधिकतमः मतः I

यत् भक्त्या पुण्डरीक अक्षम् स्तवैः अर्चेत् नरः सदा II8II

The 5th question of yudhiSThira was: कः धर्मः सर्व धर्माणाम् भवतः परमः मतः –  which dharma is accepted by you as the highest? 370 more words

Ancient Indians

Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown
By: Sue Callender

To follow your true passion is the single most terrifying adventure you will ever embark on. In my humble opinion, at least. 1,254 more words

Never Settle

Dear Jesus,

Seeing life and ourselves as the bible teaches is what we desire.

Where can I go to learn more of how you see things? 61 more words