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{Vinegar is great to clean!}

So says my daughter….

My daughter is 12 and she tries. She is extremely smart but sometimes doesn’t have any common sense. She really does mean well. 287 more words


Blutiger Drogenkrieg in Rios ältester Favela

Morro da Providência, die älteste Favela Rios, die direkt neben dem Hauptbahnhof liegt und eigentlich von der Polizei befriedet werden sollte, ist zum blutigen Schauplatz des Drogenkrieges geworden: Mitglieder der lokalen Drogengang hatten am Donnerstagnachmittag das Feuer auf ein Undercover-Aufklärungsfahrzeug der Bope-Spezialtruppe eröffnet und es mit 15 Schüssen durchlöchert. 166 more words

Rio De Janeiro

Fulani herdsmen: UPP describes action as barbaric, wicked, outrageous, threat to national security

The United Progressive Party (UPP) has condemned the killing of innocent Nigerians across the country, particularly the recent massacre of the people of Ukpabi Nimbo community in Enugu State by Fulani herdsmen. 229 more words


PRN11: BN yakin bentuk kerajaan negeri, menang 60-70 kerusi DUN Sarawak?

Oleh : Shuhaimi Al-Maniri

Dalam pilihan raya negeri ke-11 (PRN11) , jumlah kerusi sebanyak 82 DUN dipertandingkan berbanding 71 kerusi pada PRN10 yang diadakan pada April 2011. 739 more words


{Ultra Power Plus, Laundry Detergent}

So I have seen a lot of posts on our consultant Facebook page about soaking things in our diluted UPP laundry soap, like makeup brushes, pots and pans, screens, vent covers, etc. 108 more words

Ultra Power Plus

Caring for Your Cloths + Q & A

As a consultant, I often meet folks who are confused about how to care for their Norwex microfiber cloths. Sometimes they ordered them without attending a party and didn’t get the proper care and use instructions. 581 more words


Practising photoshop

It’s been some time since I wrote here, mainly because I’ve started working again after maternity leave. with 3 kids, there’s only so much time. But I am still on the Ultimate Photography Program course with Shaw Academy and tonight I had the opportunity to practise some new skills I’ve learnt. 52 more words