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5 reasons why pull ups are epic

Pull up is an amazing single movement you can rock your entire upper body. The pull up is a compound exercise and it’s important because it targets multiple muscle groups and triggers a release of growth hormone. 338 more words

Back Trainging

Workout # 1 - Machine

Whenever I am training Arms, Shoulders, Chest, etc… I try to do minimum 30 minutes of cardio, especially HIIT.


Exercise Description:

– Always start with the lightest weight.

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Here we go again!

I was hesitant to even blog again today, I guess it just takes some getting used to.  I just figure most of my life is a daily grind that is pretty similar each day.   1,005 more words

Quick upper body burnout 

Baby’s down – time to hit upper body! Equipment used: 9lb Dumbbells, 7lb Dumbbells, yoga mat

10 reps- 3-5 sets no rest until the end… 67 more words


Fit Friday with Floss!

Usually, a Friday for me means a rest day from the gym and a day of eating what ever I fancy. But with a personal training career in mind, when my friend Flo asked me to help her get in shape for her holiday to Ibiza, I obviously jumped at the chance, which meant no rest day for me! 497 more words


Backyard Bootcamp Workout

Now that the weather is getting nicer it seems that much harder to get to the gym! Here’s a Bootcamp workout you can take anywhere, no weights required!

In The Gym

Changing up the order

It’s time to increase my reps, and today was an upper body workout day. I decided to change up the order of the exercises in my workout, so it looked like this: 99 more words