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Zumba Toning

With hand weights. You can rent for $1 for the evening. Or buy your own set of weights for $20 (1 pound) and $25 (2 pounds).


#1-- Back & Chest 

increase weight each round
bench press

seated lat pull downs
DB flys
seated rows

bent over rows
straight arm pull down
back extensions

pull ups

Upper Body

Trivia: Past Beneficial Sports for Elite Pole Vaulters

It might be surprising, or it may not, but there are a large number of elite vaulters that have a background in the sport of gymnastics. 104 more words


Endurance and Upper Body

Start yourself off with a nice, easy 40 minute run at your own, comfortable pace. If you’re feeling really good, feel free to run even longer. 199 more words

Saving a little for tomorrow

I ended up switching the two workouts this weekend, doing Sunday’s workout today because we have our group workout tomorrow and it is a little difficult to do upper body day at the park. 131 more words


Leather jackets are back (they never left)

I want to scream it from the rooftops. Leather jackets are IN, baby. You may have heard rumors that, in fact, leather jacket’s AREN’T back, but it’s garbage and it’s rubbish and it’s just not true. 709 more words

Upper Body