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Upright barbell row

This shoulder exercise will work on both 3 muscles of your deltoïds/shoulders (posterior, lateral and anterior deltoïds) and on your trapezius. Don’t hesitate to have a look on my other article “ 225 more words



Warm-up: Dumbbell bench press 1×20 (light weight), sitting dumbbell shoulder press 1×10 (light weight), dumbbell side to front raise 1×10 (light weight). Stretch

Dumbbell Bench Press: 3×8, 2×6 (heavy weight) 112 more words


Biceps, triceps, obliques, cardio


  • Biceps bar curl: 3 sets of 12: 50lb, failed at 3rd, 8th rep
  • Incline bicep curl: 3 sets of 12: 20lb, 12, failed at 8, failed at 5…
  • 40 more words


Warm-up: Dumbbell skull crushers 1×20 (light weight), dumbbell bicep curls 1×20 (light weight). Stretch

EZ Bar Skull Crushers: 3×10, 1×8 (medium/heavy weight)
*Superset with
Dumbbell Bicep Curls: 2×8, 2×6 (heavy weight) 116 more words


Upper body calisthenics, biceps, cardio

Today I am working on upper-body stuff, biceps, and some cardio/endurance.

Upper body calisthenics

  • Pull-up pyramid (5)
  • Push-up pyramid (6)

This was not too challenging. Let’s bump it by one next time. 72 more words



Warm-up: Treadmill for 10 minutes at 3mph/3% incline. Stretch

Barbell Deadlifts: 3×6 (heavy weight), 3×6 (10lb less), 2×6 (10lb less)

One Arm DB Row: 3×8, 1×6 (heavy weight) 48 more words

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