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Upper Body Classics

Rainy mornings are the perfect excuse to get your weekend workout done early!

A couple of my favorite upper body moves: Tricep Kickbacks & Push Ups. 69 more words


WOD: Chest and Triceps

When looking at body strength, push-ups are a widely accepted measure of upper body strength. This is a pushing motion, which is a functional movement we all use in our every day life, like pushing a grocery cart. 156 more words


Small Goals Feed Momentum

I am playing with a “Burrito” composition. It sort of wraps around to the start with some meat in the middle.

Embracing Liberal Arts

“You are, at least, confident enough to show your sketches to others,” said a friend in a lively exchange of “oh, yes, yes, have you read …?” … 471 more words


2 hour work day...

Wednesday already. The weeks are just flying by. I woke up this morning and while my coffee cooled down, did a 10 minute yoga stretching routine. 540 more words

Buff Bride Week 4: Picking Up Speed

I am so pleased with myself this week. Not only was the week a success (mind the Hungry for Change comment), but my efforts are already producing results: I feel bendier, my posture is better, I look forward to getting off my butt and moving, and I’m willing to get up a bit earlier to do the yoga, too. 338 more words


30 Minute Full Body Workout

Life happens, and sometimes that means that getting to the gym is highly unrealistic. This is no reason to skip a workout, rather an opportunity to alter your workout to fit your surroundings. 62 more words

Tricks & Tips

The Best Exercise You're Not Doing to Improve Your Snatch and Overhead Squats

The snatch and overhead squat tests whole-body mobility as much as any other exercises do…

Both require optimal range of motion if they are to be performed properly. 205 more words

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