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10 Minute Intense Upper Body Workout

This is a 10 minute workout, meant to fatigue your upper body. Start with a challenging weight for each exercise, one that fatigues your muscles by the end of the given reps. 336 more words

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Up and Running Again...

So my arm is feeling better from yesterday’s blood drawing issue, and I’m ready for a workout. It’s time to workout my upper body! I decided to modify my workout a bit to the following: 65 more words


Upper Body Update (or not)

My left wrist firmly believes that breaking my fall on Sunday was a heroic enough effort to exclude it from normal pushup duties. So while my wrist is resting on its laurels, I see lots of planking and single leg squats in my future. 184 more words


Mobility Minute #2: Reach, Roll, & Lift

Last week we discussed how to test flexibility of the latissimus dorsi (lat) muscle to improve overhead mobility. This week we will look at the Reach, Roll, & Lift (RR&L) which is a great exercise for assessing the overhead stability of athletes. 159 more words


Increasing the Reps for the Pecs...

I think the title might be a little corny, but today was Upper Body day…following yesterday’s theme it’s time to up the ante! This workout consisted of the exercises from my previous Upper Body workout, which looked like this: 107 more words


Magical Moments - Last Bebe Miller Blog Post

These last six weeks have been so informative and have allowed me to explore a new range to my movement. This range is not centered on the lower body, which I love to focus on, but on the movement of the torso and the arms. 465 more words


Upper Body Update (week 19)

For the past six weeks, I have building up the number of pushups I do each week somewhat aggressively. This week I did 140 pushups on 5 different days. 65 more words

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