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Wednesday, 25th February 2015

Last month I wrote an entry about Alan Ross, and his U and non-U pronunciations. His “Essay in Sociological Linguistics” for Nancy Mitford’s Noblesse Oblige… 510 more words


The Privileged are Taking Over the Arts

The Privileged Taking Over the Arts

Above is an interesting article from The New Republic which talks about how more and more popular artists are coming from a background of privilege.   115 more words


In a class of my own

I think Britain’s class system is out-dated, but it’s is still a big influence over millions of people’s lives. The working classes are supposed to be the uncouth, beer drinking proletariat with few manners and little culture. 920 more words


Up, Down, Settle: Dating Games

This seems to be an issue that gets skirted a lot in “polite” society, and that’s the idea of “dating up” or “dating down.” It’s recently been talked about a little more – I’ve seen a couple of pieces on the subject recently, but overall, it’s sort of hush-hush. 723 more words

"Keeping Desperation As High As Possible": Why The Greedy Upper Class Loves The GOP

Last week, Reihan Salam took a whack at America’s upper class in Slate. His charge? That the upper class uses its considerable political clout to protect itself from competition and keep its own incomes high, thus making life harder on everyone else further down the economic ladder. 1,119 more words


Charles I, Studio of Daniel Mytens

King Charles painted in a smaller version of the picture that would eventually become the famous portrait in his robes for the Order of the Garter. 206 more words

Upper Class

Portrait of a Gentleman

Painted by a follower of Gilbert Jackson in 1634. This unnamed dapper gentleman of 30 is looking at us with a real ‘devil may care’ gaze, with his hand securely in the pocket of his breeches, an unusual stance in a painting from this date. 125 more words

Upper Class