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A Heartfelt Elegy for the Class System

The poor are just poor ’cause they’re poor

And Lazy

They scrape themselves to the dole and ask Margaret if they’re crazy

Or if they should be gettin’ better reception… 151 more words

My Poetry

Is Race and Class the New “Chicken and Egg”?

Written By: Francis Borrasso

What came first: the chicken or the egg? This age-old phrase designed to make people think can be compared to race and class in today’s world. 407 more words

The first one

Well everyone, here it is. My very first blog post, Expect more. This blog is designed for me to voice my opinion on a large number of topics.  415 more words

Perception of Immigration by Social Class


Operational hypothesis: The working class of society are more likely than the upper class to disagree with the statement that immigrants contribute a lot. 3,924 more words


On Class

Class is really what’s running politics these days. Populous issues are really class issues. In the UK with austerity and its elitism government, and the USA with their strictly bottom class politics and ideology. 465 more words

Flying First Class

When my husband and I went to the US earlier this year we decided to treat ourselves and fly in Upper (first) class home to London with Virgin Atlantic (we flew out to New York in Premium Economy with Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick and then with United Airlines internally) We figured we might not have too many more years of just the two of us, so why not treat ourselves?! 545 more words

30 Before 30

A Class Act

An actor’s job is to tell the stories of people from all walks of life. But how can this be done when 16% of Actors are working class, and the majority represent the privileged few? 761 more words