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The Psychology of Designer Labels and "High End" Products

It’s a psychological fact that wearing expensive designer clothes, carrying handbags with designer labels, and driving luxury cars has a dynamic effect on how we feel about ourselves as well as how others perceive us. 519 more words


What traditionally defined the working, middle and upper classes in Britain?

Having looked at a few class classifications recently (such as the Newspaper Readership Survey) I have been struck by how little some of them accord with common traditional British views on class… 1,273 more words

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Upper Class = Norman, Working Class = Saxon

Long ago in Britain there were Celts in the North and West and the English (often referred to as Anglo Saxons) in the East and South – there was a difference between rich and poor, but in the main things tended towards a natural egalitarianism – then in 1066 along came the Normans and occupied the place – turning the Anglo-Saxon English into a politically and economically dispossessed people in their own country. 692 more words

British Politics

How the other half live with Jacques-Henri Lartigue

It would seem that the story is the same for quite a few of the best known photographers from throughout history. Many were given a camera at an early age by their parents and took it with them where ever they went, quickly finding out they had a bit of a knack for it. 276 more words

Virgin Upper Class London to Los Angeles for £1278 return and other charms

I was searching for return flights from London to Los Angeles in October 2015. Looking at dates such as:

Outbound: London to Los Angeles Saturday October 17th… 383 more words

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Wednesday, 25th February 2015

Last month I wrote an entry about Alan Ross, and his U and non-U pronunciations. His “Essay in Sociological Linguistics” for Nancy Mitford’s Noblesse Oblige… 529 more words


The Privileged are Taking Over the Arts

The Privileged Taking Over the Arts

Above is an interesting article from The New Republic which talks about how more and more popular artists are coming from a background of privilege.   115 more words