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Things that are mandatory by the law...

From the past, a lot has been changed in terms of rules and regulations and duties to an extent but still we can hear about the contemporary issues being taken place somewhere or the other. 404 more words

The London Season

Past Imperfect by Julian Fellows was published in 2008. I happened upon it recently at the library. I am grateful I did because I loved it! 249 more words

Thoughts on Social Class

Having lived abroad for more than a year now, first in Italy and now in France, I’ve had an opportunity to observe and assess the universal nature of social class. 958 more words

The Inept Genius

Inept, a harsh word by definition. Yet used widely in all realms of media to describe anyone who misspells, misspeaks or missteps in public forum or physical place and time. 545 more words

Upper Class: Virgin Atlantic, Manchester to New York in a A330 (MAN-JFK)

The time had finally come were I had to fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, not something I was looking forward to if I’m honest, I just don’t particularly like their whole marketing campaign of a ‘Rock star Service’……how about a calm relaxing efficient service…it’s a flight….not a party.   676 more words


A Heartfelt Elegy for the Class System

The poor are just poor ’cause they’re poor

And Lazy

They scrape themselves to the dole and ask Margaret if they’re crazy

Or if they should be gettin’ better reception… 151 more words

My Poetry

Is Race and Class the New “Chicken and Egg”?

Written By: Francis Borrasso

What came first: the chicken or the egg? This age-old phrase designed to make people think can be compared to race and class in today’s world. 407 more words