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Trust Fund Baby ~ 5 A Satire

Chapter 5
I opened the door to my swanky office. I expected the receptionist to rush over to greet me handing me a cup of hot coffee telling me this is the happiest day of her life. 871 more words


Rage and Loathing in Suburbia

Remember that time when Rand Paul’s neighbor tackled him?

Here’s an article from Slate that provides more information on that incident.

It gave me a good chuckle. 180 more words

Trust Fund Baby ~ 4 A Satire

Chapter 4 ~ Fashionably Late
I drove my black BMW downtown to Ocean Drive, pulled up in front of the Loomis Building. It wasn’t difficult to miss the Loomis. 1,824 more words


Trust Fund Baby - 3 A Satire

Chapter 3 ~ What’s Work?
I said, “Father, I don’t know how to work. What’s work?”
Father said, “Honestly, Son. I don’t know. Neither one of us have ever worked. 1,658 more words


Virgin Atlantic Renovate Their A330-200s To Align With The Rest Of The Fleet

Virgin Atlantic has unveiled brand new interiors for its fleet of A330- 200 aircraft. These ex-Air Berlin planes will be retrofitted throughout with the airline’s famous Premium Economy cabin, along with a refreshed new look and feel for Upper Class and updated look for Economy. 471 more words


Trust Fund Baby - 1 - A Satire

Chapter 1 ~ The Four Letter Word
Her shrieking voice pierced through me like a needle being stuck into a helium filled balloon.
“Martin, wake up Martin,” she said with a voice that would curl straight hair. 1,151 more words


The Duck Hunt

There was talk of a duck hunt, but Christopher wasn’t in an outdoor mood. He loitered by his pile of luggage, gathering size and grandeur as the porter returned, trip after trip. 452 more words

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