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our reggie

a long long time ago reggie wilkes had a 15 minute scuffle with fame as ‘the singing football hooligan’. a friend of his father who was a fledging media executive had been out on a search to find young television personalities for a post war youth generation..he didn’t need to look any further than five doors down his own avenue to find reg, who’d become the local star on account of run ins with the police for shoplifting and mild thuggery at football matches. 513 more words

A Question Of Class...

The Day Our Class Was Rocked!

That day the entire class witnessed a number of arguments: in groups of twos, threes and even more, everyone was arguing. 758 more words

The Perambulator: A technological advance or social evil?

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Designed by George John Pinwell, wood-engraved by Joseph Swain. A Seat in the Park, illustration from Once a Week, 26 June 1869. 1,397 more words

Poppies Support Capitalist Crimes

The British armed forces have been used for hundreds of years as a tool of oppression, solely by the middle and upper classes that have controlled this country, and exploited the working class as economic and military canon fodder.   358 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

London: The Modern Babylon

The opening titles for this Julien Temple film reversed backwards through iconic images and events in London’s history. From New Years Eve fireworks to riots to the Royal family, it gave a sense of the history this film would explore. 429 more words


Let’s talk about luv for a minute. Not love but luv, the feeling that two share when they aren’t in a relationship but care for each other as if they were. 666 more words