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Book Review: Tiny Little Thing - 5 STARS



Jackie Kennedy fans, this one’s for you.  A historical novel set in 1960’s New England’s elite world of political families, the main character Tiny Hardcastle navigates her pristine world through a maze of blackmail, secrets and affairs. 187 more words

Book Review

Grab a free Bite card!

Hi there!

Busy day today, so quick money saving post, especially for train commuters! Free Bite card here, gets you discount at places such as Upper Crust, Nam-Po, Pumpkin etc and other food outlets at UK Railway stations! 7 more words


Goose Island Beers

I am off to a higher caliber social setting than I am accustomed too here in Chicago. Last nights’s rehearsal dinner was at the Chicago Yacht Club serving cold but simply fizzy yellow water bees. 193 more words


A Young Man's Tale: Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence

Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence  is the story of an idealistic young man who finds that he is trapped by society’s conventions (1870’s N.Y upper crust). 167 more words

Book Reviews

Day 7 - Giving up Crisps

Getting on for 48 hours without any steroids/Protopic now and eczema looking good…even after a little scratch session last night following a long bar shift and a miserable Italy vs Costa Rica World Cup match which saw England finally put out of their misery. 463 more words

Day 1 - Giving Up Coffee

15 June 2014 – the morning after the night before. It wasn’t a massive boozy one – just a couple of beers and a disastrous football match – but not enough sleep was had and there’s plenty of work to do today so coffee will be an essential element of the morning. 193 more words

Thompson + Boombox - Dinner Parties!

Sack the waiter and get the chauffeur to lay out the picnic basket on your Boombox in this avant guard assault on boating beats and cream tea sensibilities, a must for all rabble rousing upper crust chainsaw undergraduates! 8 more words