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Ebola Mom, Part 45

(Part of the Ebola Mom series )

And also we are humans.


I’m a human.


Robopalooza in NYC

Momma Trumpet left my ass this past week. She left me for the warm and sunny bars of Key West Florida for a girls trip. I joke that when I am left alone that we celebrate “Robopalooza” where it is wild parties, eating peanuts on couch while throwing the shells on the ground, and the toilet seat remains up at all times. 296 more words

CBT You Are So Full Of Shit

A Simple Delight in Black and White

New York is known for many things: towering buildings, hustling pedestrians, mouth watering pizza and one particular torch-bearing statue.

It is also, importantly, the home of the black and white cookie. 208 more words

Wendy Madden Pays Shoe Mogul Ex Steve Madden $9.5M for Trump Palace Pad

The love story made in shoe heaven is coming to a real end.

Well, by shoe heaven, we kind of mean prison, since that’s where  280 more words

Umbrella Decorum

We have had some annoying rain here in NYC for the past couple of days. You know the rain that I am talking about, it isn’t hard enough to mess with getting out the umbrella but when you get to your destination your clothes are moist. 341 more words

CBT You Are So Full Of Shit