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King Narmer: Egypt's First Pharaoh

Before the pharaoh Narmer came to power in 3100 B.C., Egypt was divided into small areas called nomes. Feuds between nomes and crime in general went mostly unchecked since there was no centralized state to enforce laws. 293 more words



Approximately 50 kilometers south of Dayr al-Muharraq and 9 kilometers south of the ancient city of Lycopolis, nowadays Asyut, lies the massive monastic complex of Dayr Durunka. 365 more words

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Dayr al-Muharraq

The monastery of the Holy Virgin of al–Muharraq lies at the foot of Qusqam Hill, 327 kilometers south of Cairo. This monastery is unquestionably the most prominent location in the Holy Family’s itinerary. 454 more words

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The village of Buq is south of al–Qusiya. Although once a bishopric, Buq only has less than 8% Christians nowadays. Here, we will visit the Church of Buq and a well that is said to have been blessed by the Holy Family when they passed by the village. 98 more words

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On the road from al-Qusiya to the Monastery of al-Muharraq lies the village of Sarakna. Some five thousand Christians make up about 90 percent of the population. 90 more words

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South of Dayrut, lies al-Qusiya, which, according to tradition has not only been visited by the Holy Family but is also the only town that has been cursed by them. 191 more words

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