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King Scorpion I of Upper Egypt, 32nd C. BC.

King Scorpion I is one of two Scorpion King’s from the pre-dynastic period of Egypt who ruled during the 32nd century BC. Here are 7 facts about a ruler that there is still so little known about. 194 more words

Monarch Monday

The Friendly Old Snake

In an upper Egyptian city named Qena there are some stories here and there about and old big snake that lives in one of the old mountains, based on the stories that were told it is huge and looks creepy somehow, but it never harmed anyone, people say that it has something weird around it’s neck that it somehow looked like feathers. 78 more words



The Egyptian goddesses Sekhmet and Bastet (left and right respectively) are having a little spar together. Don’t worry, it’s the friendly kind.

Obviously I hatched the idea after watching a clip from The Mummy Returns, which has the two leading Egyptian ladies prize-fighting for the Pharaoh’s entertainment. 148 more words


Every Cloud ...

Upper Egypt, which starts just south of Giza, has been neglected by the different governments for decades. The poorest villages are there, the least advancement in any field of life is found there. 2,005 more words

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Naked Sectarianism


It is ugly, but may it make a difference. It is embarrassing, but may it spur to action. Unfortunately it is real, and may it soon disappear. 270 more words


Healing Grace for Upper Egypt

Umm Peter stood with dignity in the corner of her simple, cinderblock home. With an appearance weathered over the years, in grandmotherly fashion she spoke of the men of the village and the difficulties of life. 671 more words