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Great Defender!

Even when it does not feel like it, Jesus Christ is the great defender of our hearts! #UpperRoom #Godslove #Heisfaithful! #Godblessyou You are loved <3 :)

Jesus Christ

Peace Be with All of Us

“Peace Be with All of Us”

Luke 24:36-49 (24:36) – April 15, 2018

Sometimes I just feel like pulling the covers over my head and not getting up in the morning. 1,230 more words



John 20:19-31 (20:25) – April 8, 2018

Imagine a city under martial law. Soldiers prowling the streets, night and day—and especially at night. The occupying army and the city authorities come down hard on the civilian population. 1,217 more words

The fruit of peace is solidarity and justice

by Katrina Alton
Pax Christi UK

A Reflection for the 2nd Sunday of Easter…

Acts 4:32-35 | 1 John 5:1-6 | John 20:19-31

How were the first followers of Jesus transformed from being a group of frightened people hiding behind locked doors, to a vibrant justice filled community that inspired others to join them? 310 more words


The Disciples: Out of their depth and nowhere to hide.

The thing which has most occupied my thoughts and reflection during Holy Week and into this Easter season has been the distinct sense in which the people we hear about in the Gospels are in so many ways simply out of their depth. 1,573 more words

This Sunday

Coming to believe receiving

“Receive the holy Spirit” The sacred writer had already introduced the giving of the Holy Spirit in John 7 in a scene during the Feast of Tabernacles in which the Spirit is promised at a future time when Jesus was glorified. 1,125 more words