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Bro Skog - 2012/03/13

Took my usual stroll through the forest after dropping the kids off this morning, not a great deal around and after about 10 minutes the forest was full of kids from day care, 3 separate groups making it rather difficult to see much. 99 more words


Råstasjön, Södra Järvafältet

A quick trip out this morning to Råstasjön after yesterdays sighting of the Ural Owl which is still present. Only had 2 hours there due to time restrictions having to collect the kids from daycare, could quite easily spend a full day there though. 310 more words


Not much...

Not much happening at the moment, not really able to get out due to a heavy work load and some off weather but birding from home isn’t really so bad, some glances out the window whilst waiting for the coffee or warming up some food is enough. 97 more words


Rough-legged Buzzard - Broängarna

Another one checked off for the year, second try to find a Rough-legged Buzzard that has been present over the last week or so at my local birding spot. 99 more words


January so far...

Wow what an interesting start to the year. Loads of Two-barred Crossbills have been turning up all over Sweden and I finally took the plunge and went back to Råstasjön where they had been present for several days. 261 more words


Birding 2012

(New Life Birds marked in Bold Green)

An exciting year just past, looking forward to 2012. Last year I reach 163 different species and 15 life species… 364 more words