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UpRising Church Set List: 01/18/2009

We had a blast yesterday celebrating the 2nd anniversary of UpRising Church. UC was what brought us to Nashville just over 2 years ago. We left UC in Nov of 2007, and Pastor Joe asked us to lead worship for the 2nd anniversary service. 81 more words


Life is Good

It should say something that the whole wordpress.com website has been through a major upgrade since the last time I logged on…I wonder how long it’s been like this. 275 more words

TGIF, I'm just sayin'

Funny.  This week has been a gem compared to other weeks of late.  I looked back over some posts and realized that readers much think I’m chasing my tail 24/7.   687 more words

Goodbye Uprising... #2!

Hey everyone at Uprising!,

          Well, it’s that time of year again… I’m leaving you. I just wanted to write this, as I do every summer before I leave for pest control, and just let you know a few things that have been on my heart for you. 715 more words


Who are you at church?

        In the 15 years I have been participating in church I have never been surprised when I walk into a church to find people hiding behind false masks of righteousness. 399 more words


Another Soldier...

          Today I had the awesome opportunity to meet with Pete Wilson, the pastor of Crosspoint Community Church in Nashville, TN.

         I have been fascinated by his church since I saw its office in Bellevue Mall several years ago, and to finally be able to sit down with a fellow brother in the fight, was awesome. 100 more words


First Video Blog!

          Alrighty, it’s short, and rough, but this was more of a test than anything… I am stoked it worked! Also know this is more of a talk than a “message”… I will be doing more soon!