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Here are ten of the most well-known, important, and influential independent labels in rap today.

via These Independent Rap Labels Are Keeping Hip-Hop’s Creative Freedom Alive — UPROXX

Little Ditties

MIT’s Food Computer Is Changing The Future Of How We Eat

When was the last time you ate something you grew? For many of us, the answer might well be “never.” Farming, increasingly, is something that happens in distant states or even distant lands, with the results flown or trucked in for us to pick over. 140 more words


‘Wonder Woman 2,’ ‘Suicide Squad 2’ And ‘Batgirl’ Headline DC’s Updated Movie Release Slate — Real Stories – UPROXX

Warner Bros. The increasingly fleshed out DCEU has an avalanche of superhero fare on the way and San Diego Comic Con seems like as sensible a place as any for DC and Warner Bros.

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Ben Affleck Reassures Batman Fans At Comic-Con That ‘Batfleck’ Is Going Nowhere — Real Stories – UPROXX

From the horse’s mouth: Ben Affleck IS #Batman #SDCC2017 #WB pic.twitter.com/1ioofdPZxz — JoBlo.com @ #SDCC (@joblocom) July 22, 2017 Following reports that DC Films and Warner Bros.

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Off the hook

In his wonderful interview in John Brady’s The Craft of the Screenwriter, Robert Towne—who might best be described as the Christopher McQuarrie of his time—tosses off a statement that is typically dense with insight: 1,222 more words


Armie Hammer gives an update on U.N.C.L.E. sequel effort

Armie Hammer, in an interview with the Uproxx website, included an update about efforts to try to get a Man From U.N.C.L.E. sequel off the ground. 334 more words

The Other Spies

Get A Taste Of Fine Dining With This $100 Avocado Toast

The folks at UPROXX took a trip down to Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach with a challenge for the master chef, Paul Cao. They asked if he could create an avocado toast worth $100… 124 more words