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Lessons Learned

Welcome back!! Oh… I guess you’re right. It WAS the host of this blog that vanished out of sight for a while. You all have been there ready to read all along, haven’t you? 443 more words

Ups N Downs

Ups and Downs

Listen while you read here

1st Verse:
As we all age, nothin’ stays the same
Our physicality, mentality, and life change
We can only anticipate certain stuff… 423 more words

Mind Matter

Anxious to Write!

Well, it seems that every time I say I’m going to start regularly blogging again, something seems to come up.  “So what was it THIS time, Mark”?   654 more words

Ups N Downs

I'm Hangin' In!

Let’s just face it. Life can be pretty tough some days.

Have you ever gotten up in the morning, minding your own business, trying to simply get awake, when suddenly, “Meow! 532 more words

Ups N Downs

Never keep ur self over occupied in big useless things, that u don’t get time for small important things…

Ups N Downs

I've came a long way but I still have a long way to go..

I remember when I was a broken mess.. I could never figure out what was really wrong with me.. I went years on years just hating my life and everything around me. 201 more words



Often people come across this question as to who they really are and f we are happy or not…..there are many times when we wear an invisible mask on our face n order to please ppl…but the question is…is that what we really want??

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