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the leech - realization

I spoke about the fearmonger, who was one of two previous bosses I had the misfortune of working with. The other person who plagued my nightmares and fueled my hate-filled thoughts, I refer to him as the leech. 764 more words


A day and a night in the Emergency Room.

It was 4 am when Gloria rolled in from the cold and the rain. Thin, gaunt, frizzy hair and wheeling a baby. She barged past law enforcement and a homeless man who was half naked and fighting security in the doorway. 362 more words


4 Secrets to Pick the Right Yoga Pants with regard to Yourself

Yoga is actually a psychic practice that rejuvenates your current mind, body and heart and soul. Yoga exercises, when completed properly, make you really feel relaxed and centered together with yourself. 639 more words

Aquatic Therapy

Have a Child Participating in Cheerleader? Find out more on Common Cheerleading Accidental injuries

Cheerleading is a well-liked kind of physical activity in the U. S. with a great estimated 2. 8 , 000, 000 elementary and high institution kids engaged in the activity each year. 450 more words

Aquatic Therapy


Like Icarus soaring through the alluring expanse,
Getting carried away by the swift wind,
Giving in to his temptation and desires,
I found myself blindly falling for you. 370 more words


Staying Alive

The novel that I am reading is The Road written by Cormac McCarthy. It is about a father and a son who are travelling great distances on a daily basis through an ash-filled world. 318 more words


Do young people consider anything sacred these days? Have we ruined a great deal of life for them? I only ask because an internet famous musician was shot and killed yesterday, and there so many young people openly mourning this young man, but also, there were photos of him dead in his vehicle. 216 more words