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Staying Alive

The novel that I am reading is The Road written by Cormac McCarthy. It is about a father and a son who are travelling great distances on a daily basis through an ash-filled world. 318 more words


Do young people consider anything sacred these days? Have we ruined a great deal of life for them? I only ask because an internet famous musician was shot and killed yesterday, and there so many young people openly mourning this young man, but also, there were photos of him dead in his vehicle. 216 more words


Gym Blog | Day 14

I really wish I knew why I am always so tired. 145 more words


Bad dreams

Both my partner and I woke up this morning distraught

We both had emotionally upsetting dreams, I dreamt that I went to the hospital and I was told that I was 2 weeks pregnant, now being 51 yrs old I really don’t want another baby, so the hospital suggested a small surgical procedures to do the removal. 128 more words



Yesterday evening I watched the documentary about Avicii and it was worth spending two hours on it.

Honestly, I have more questions now than I had before I watched the documentary. 510 more words



This month my world has fallen apart. Booted from my home because the owner suddenly wanted to sell. Promised a new place and told it’s a sure thing just for them to change their mind at the last minute. 196 more words



Another day full of scrounging online for rental properties. The stress has eased now that I’ve been told I can open up to options in other school districts, I feel bad for my sister having to switch schools, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 650 more words