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Silent drops

Little waves of sorrow

reflections in the mirrors of life

the world upside down

here is where you should look.


Tarte Tatin: Upside Down Pie

When you think of upside down desserts what pops into your mind? For me its upside down pineapple cake, a pear version I tried once in a crock pot, a ice cream cones that have succumbed to gravity. 1,084 more words

Kitchen Catastrophes

2 μερες για την αυτονομη οργανωση στις σχολες, 30-31 Μαρτιου 2015

> δευτέρα 30 μάρτη | 12.30 μ.μ. | στο πανεπιστήμιο (έξω από το θέατρο της εστίας)

συζήτηση για τις διαγραφές των φοιτητών (εισήγηση από το … 9 more words

Upside Down

Fun with Upside-Down Cows

Stupid. So stupid. Probably the dumbest cartoon yet.

I’m finding out that you can only do so many one-panel comics vefore cows become involved. It’s called the Gary Larson effect. 31 more words


An upside down world...

One of my friends had the marvelous idea to take painting classes. She didn’t want to go alone and asked a few of us to join her. 881 more words

Stop Smoking

Dragon Comics 86

Inversion is good for the spirit. A lot of yogis will tell you that every minute you spend upside down adds a minute to the end of your life, but don’t repeat this information in a room full of military dudes, because they will tell you how long a person can reasonably be suspended upside down before it kills you. 127 more words