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The Order

I sat, waiting. Nervous eyes, frozen body, pounding heart. I sat waiting in a pool of blood. Why do they scream so, I wondered, my friends and family and strangers, while they are butchered? 128 more words

Short Stories


This is my first upside-down 360 3D virtual reality video. Don’t be surprised if it’s also my last upside-down 360 3D virtual reality video. :/ 21 more words


Poetry Corner

​The Little Things

by William P. Darnell Sr.

In a little corner of the world,
that’s where I am!

Enjoying little things in life,
that we come to love and understand. 128 more words

Creatively Writing

Up-drip, Side-drip

Dripping paint on a canvas conveys the feeling of immediacy and urgency, doesn’t it.  It’s as if you were standing next to the artist while she was painting and you were witnessing the physicality of this gooey substance in its tug with gravity. 248 more words


8. In Flight

A world turned upside down, for you the work of moments, for us a lifetime’s wisdom. That everything can become other in a split second, or turned “right” way up again as swiftly. 28 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

Eleven Goes to Therapy

Eleven was having yet another nightmare. This would make one every night this week. The Demogorgon was coming after her and just as she was about to get taken by it she woke up screaming. 689 more words


Sports Are Hard

Bro you’re doing it all sorts of wrong. I think. I’ve actually never played hockey before.

Random Thoughts