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Upside Down You´re Turning Me

Mit der Perspektive spielen, drehen und wenden und dabei neue Ein- und Aussichten entstehen…wie im realen Leben. Auch in wechselvollen Zeiten hilft oft ein Blickwechsel. Und wenn man solche inspirierende Motive in der Natur findet, umso schöner. 45 more words


Topsy-Turvy - A Haiku

I’m walking on clouds

Gateway to another world

Ripples ‘neath my feet

Emma H, age 26, 11/09/2017


The Grape Hyacinth by Dennis Allen Lange

On but one sturdy, daring stem
…A purple cluster clings
Like grapes whose world turned upside down
…When vineyards had their flings. 

Instead of hanging, grapes are stacked. 39 more words


An Upside-Down Affair

I was going over some news articles I had saved today, cleaning out my desk, and found three articles each with a similar theme.

In the first, the author, Reinaldo Gadea Perez commented that Venezuela is seeing its highest murder rates in history and he attributed it largely to their “culture of impunity” in part created by a president who “justified stealing to feed starving children” and who let “murderers and corrupt cronies walk free” creating a culture where people are proud to have gotten away with their crime. 630 more words


Upside Down

It’s so interesting how life works. We make plans based off of how we can logically view our world, and then they are turned on their head in an instant. 516 more words

The (Almost) Impossible Paradigm: Following Jesus, Part 7


“But many who are first,” concludes Jesus, “will be last, and the last first.” His disciples have just finished walking through a morning of following Jesus. 592 more words